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First psychedelic experience ever

2g. Wow.

As you all know, shrooms are hard to find, so when my connect told me he has some I bought 3.5g. Now I've been reading almost EVERYTHING about shrooms and a lot of trip reports. 

I decided to take only about 2.1g. Went to this forest (never been before) next to my friend's work and my sober younger brother sited me. The weather is AMAZING outside with the sun shinning so beautifully... my favourite! I was fasting for more than 12 hours by this time. 

 I chewed all of it with OJ... shrooms looked they were the "stem" part and not really potent. Smelled like cheese but tasted neutral actually.

I'm so excited and expecting anything to happen now... feelings of a bad trip kept trying to get in my head though. I throw up a bit, and don't get bothered a bit by it.
I feel tired but restless. I feel it's creeping up on me. I decided to walk a bit... My legs are literally shaking and vibrating as it gets more intense. I decided to roll some mary jane just to may be set the trip... I felt like the shrooms was too weak to affect me may be... however something felt like it will hit me. 

I laugh whenever I feel its getting any uncomfortable. I'm laying down on my back and focusing on this nice tree with its long branches.... The tree branches started waving at me!! 

I was stunned. Nature was bonding with me and it felt like I'm part of nature. People and kids that walked by looked so amazing and I was so happy (nervous shaking though in my legs). I saw some rainbow colours staring at the blue sky. I stare at one lil dot coming off my hoodie and it becomes a lot bigger.. it turned to a triangle with red and blue colours... I also noticed white looked more "blueish".

I heard a "whooosh" sound out of nowhere and felt like people passing by the corners of my eyes! I noticed that I kept yawning and with every yawn it just gets more trippy and intense. 

My brother later looked like a lizard! His neck turned a little green and that made us die of laughter xD

I'm thankful that it didn't get more intense than I wanted to be... The sun was soo amazing and honestly I felt like whenevr I would get nervous I just stare at the sun and smile. "dose of dopeness" by kid cudi was played throughout the whole experience and it jsut made me feel so much better. At one point I swear I heard cudi saying " I shroom" instead of  "I do".

I'm a fan! Going to start grow my own hopefully :)

This summer should be fun ^_^

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