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Dabbing and shrooms

You must try this.

Most of you probably know what Bho is (butane hash oil), well my friends and I love this shit. We make it quite often and it gets me super high, just dabbing alone can put me on almost a psychedelic level. I've even had very minor visuals on just oil alone when I take a rip. 

And a little background on a previous trip because this come into play later. A few months back I had the craziest trip of my life on salvia, it pretty much shot me into a different universe. I had no clue who I was or what was going on, I could hear my friend saying talking but it was just all words that sounded like different languages combined into one. I dont even remember alot of it. I must have blacked out for some of it. we also recorded it and when I watched the video my mind was blown as to just how fucked up I was. Just rolling on the ground yelling obnoxious shit not a clue what reality is. I wish I could have comprehended what happened, cause I feel as if I broke though just like you do on dmt. It just wasnt clean like dmt is. 

Well me and two other friends were bored one night and we decided we should take some mushrooms, so we call our guy and pick up 12 grams of golden teachers. I take 5g down pretty fast and my buddies split the rest. The body high kicks in pretty fast, were just sitting in the living room laughing at nothing smoking a joint and having a good time. Slowly the visuals start to come and we decide we should put on some music so we could get into our trip. As were about to do this I ask my friend if he has any oil, he does and I ask if I could have a monster rip out of his bong. So he scraped me up a FAT dab, I take it all straight to the dome. As soon as I exhale I feel this sensation come over me, I cant describe it but it was pretty cool. I wasnt even close to peaking yet and I could  tell im going to be in for a wild ride cause the visuals are already super intense. We turn on some sphongle (you have to listen to them while tripping if you havent already, its most beautiful music ive ever heard, and it makes you trip fucking nuts) and instantly im pretty much couch locked. I felt like I was a 1000pound stone just laying on this couch. About now is when shit starts to get crazy, the music is playing but im not hearing through my ears. it sounds as if there were speakers inside my head surrounding my brain, and each speaker played a different instrument that was in the song. I decide to close my eyes and experience some close eyed visuals. When I do, I experience the most intense visuals ive ever seen, I have no clue where im at and I start to question what drug I was on. I think about my salvia trip and convince myself I must be on that level agian, Thats just how real and intense these visuals were. But this time I could auctually think and comprehend shit. Ive tripped many times but nothing ever like this.  I finally remember that is was just mushrooms and a dab. 

At this time I decide to open my eyes and see what is happening in the living room. When I do BAM, i feel like 10 prongs attach to my back and try to rip my body from my soul. it was sooo strong, shit is going crazy. Im having multiple thoughts that seem to shoot off at the speed of light and then new thoughts start. I look at the black fridge and I can see into it, not like the inside of the fridge but miles beyond it. All of the sudden everything in the room starts to break down and my vision is now closing in on the kitchen. This is where I experience something like never before, right when the kitchen closes in on its self there is this little voice in my head that says "do you want to go further?" and I was kinda caught up in the situation and overwhelmed so told the voice no instantly. Im not sure why I said no but i really wish I would have said yes. Right when I said no everything came back to where it was but I was still tripping incredibly hard. The fan was spinning and spitting out fractules as it was moving to different spots on the ceiling. Im seeing neon lines creating shapes and I had the sensation that there were people laying down on both sides of me, I had to look to make sure there wasnt.

When the shpongle turned off I kinda came back to my senses and started to think about what just happened. I was mind blown, kinda in shock. I look to my friends which I forget where there and ask them what time it is. They say its 5am, i thought they were lying cause I believed I had only been tripping for about an hour. Im pretty sure I blacked out at some point during the night, which is what happened during my salvia trip. Thats why it makes me think even more that I was on a salvia/dmt level at some parts of the night. 

Overall I loved the experience, and wish to experience something similar to the whole kitchen breakdown/voice in my head part. I think something incredible would of happened if I said yes. And everyone needs to experience dabbing and psychadelics. It will put a whole new twist on your trip, but be ready for a wild ride. Thanks for reading, happy trippin.

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