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Terrifying, Beautiful, Unforgettable

2nd trip

1.75G (not sure of the species) - Very VERY blue all over w/ unopened caps (I was told unopened caps are more potent, not sure if it's true)
No food for about 18 hours prior, took 400% daily value VitC in supplement form and drank 3 glasses of OJ an hour before dosing.

So I came home from work last night to trip with 3 of my friends at my house.
I got there and they had dosed about 1 hour prior, so I went into the living room alone to weigh out my dose and to collect myself before beginning the most intense experience of my entire f***ing life.

About 45 minutes later, I started feeling tired, my legs were basically Jello and I couldn't stop laughing about my friend (lets call him Bob) tripping face while talking about ordering a pizza and telling my roommate to make him a sandwich. (Bob is a HUGE guy, very funny person)
Anyway, I was sitting on my bed and I felt my brain flip and I started thinking extremely introspectively. And I knew from my first experience a few months ago, I was about to start tripping HARD when I walked into my kitchen and all of our white floor tiles looked texture-less and extremely smooth.

At about the 1 hour mark, I proceeded to stand in my kitchen spinning in circles all over the place looking straight up at my ceiling laughing at the popcorn stuff that they spray on ceilings, because it was moving and turning brighter and darker. My other friend who was tripping with me (lets call him Bill) watched me for a few minutes have the time of my life, then went back to my room to watch a video with the others.
I walked through the kitchen to my bedroom door and grabbed a hold of the doorknob after taking note of how golden and shiny it was. With my other hand I held onto the door itself and without even noticing closed my eyes and then the visions and one INCREDIBLY INTENSE out-of-body experience came from nowhere. I saw in the darkness of my mind, the doorknob appear golden and beautiful all alone in the blackness, with a light glimmering off of the right side (which is the direction of the closest light in the living room 10 feet away). I went to turn my head to look at the source of the light, and realized my head wasn't moving physically but I was looking around my living room from a different perspective. I then uncontrollably "floated" out of my body, and into the room and I moved about the house as just pure love and energy, I could hear my friends talking to me asking if I was okay, I couldn't answer.
So I turned around and "floated" (the only word that describes it at all) back to my body, and was thinking of what to say to them if I could figure out how to speak again, as I was thinking "Yes I am okay" I was watching my physical self say "Yes I am Okay". this apparently distracted me and my eyes opened and I was back into the somewhat real world again....

This was so emotionally intense that I had to go outside away from everyone and calm myself for a while. I sat on my deck in a folding chair and collected myself, walked back into the house to the kitchen where my roommate was standing (who wasn't tripping and had never done it before and probably never will).
He asked if I was okay, I said "yeah man, I'm just thinking" and as I was talking to him I saw the ceiling turn completely black out of the corner of my eye, i looked up and it was just blackness that made me feel that something evil had come to be and I couldn't help but NOT want to see it. However I kept my cool and just went in to my room again to lay down for a bit.
We put on the song "Dimming Sky" by Passafire and I immediately was overcome with feelings of joy, love, and almost orgasmic pleasure. With my eyes closed in the dark listening to the music, I began feeling like I should look upwards, and I see a strand of DNA that was miles tall and at the top in the distance was white light, shimmering with promise and hope and acceptance and ego-shattering beauty.

After the song was over, I heard a few people I didn't recognize the voices of come into the house, I went out to the living room and it was a friend of mine and my roommates with his sister and our other non-tripping roommate. They started making a lot of noise and asking strange questions like "are the colors really cool?" that weren't bad per say, but just off-topic enough from my thoughts to weird me out a LOT somehow.

Almost Immediately the room turned a very gloomy and  creepy shade of green, the ceilings were getting darker again and my friends eyes turned completely black as I stood about 10 feet away watching him stand in my living room. He was talking to me in a friendly way, and I was doing my best to be polite and answer his questions the best that I could, but everything I was seeing was terrifying. I kept looking at our floor and it was wavy and very disturbing faces were coming out of the texture of the carpet, but I yet again somehow remained perfectly calm, even though my stomach felt like freezing cold steel, I went out side and lit a cigarette on our deck.

This is when I saw the most immense open-eye hallucination I never thought could ever be possible in any realm of reality. (I know it was just 1.7g's, but these mushrooms were SO POTENT and I swear to you all this is 100% true).

I lit my cigarette, put the lighter in my pocket and looked up, (there was one light on outside to my left and our deck is painted a dark redish brown with brick walls on the house.) I looked at a brick outdoor grill that is built into our deck, its about 4 feet tall, 2ft wide, and 2ft deep. It became a MASSIVE clocktower trillions of feet tall and millions of miles wide, with red eyes on the clock face that burned with evil and terror. The entire perimeter of the clock face was on fire and it stared at me and I stared at it, the cigarette fell straight from my lips to the ground and I slowly backed up and went back in the house. I laid down in the dark under my blanket with Bob Marley's "One Love" playing, all of my troubles slowly melted away and as I closed my eyes I saw the most beautiful scenery of golden suns and valleys with green forests and rivers and streams of blue crystal clear water.

I laid there for the next 2 hours or so and let myself just fly through thousands of different worlds of ego-free beauty and purity
I saw the white light again and I suddenly felt this incredibly overwhelming feeling of loving understanding and universal completeness I had only felt once before, and that was the first time I ate the all-powerful magic mushroom. <3

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