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why u no

Everytime I lay down to meditate,on shrooms or not.it takes a few moments. and then everytime these popping/cracking sounds comming from the walls and furniture sort of replying to my thoughts or activated by my thoughts.

you know what happens when you laugh for real. when you laugh so much
theres a point where you just say i am gonna die.

and the closer i would get to the other side on a heroic dose. the more sounds and voices i would hear. i could feel something like the gears of the universe. imagine the core of a black hole or a galaxy in your head in a single point. and its there. you're becoming an infinite and eternal god like being. but you gotta die to go there. and when you die. the universe explodes and everything happens at once.. so you retract from that its too much. what if... omg those are only shrooms arent they? but it takes merely 5 minutes to convince yourself again that this is realy real it is not a joke. but are you ready to do the sacrifice?. 

to live eternal bliss certainly must not be accessible for everyone. one must be on a quest for the truth. and accept the truth. there is a price for becoming a god... you know you're gonna die anyways and you wont ever change anything that will ever be remembered in this universe.what if you had the guts to confront reality instead of deniying it with your illusion of a life. 


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