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i died twice

idk how much shrooms i exactually took :/

            During this i didnt really know when what happened because i had NO sense of time and wasnt worried to much about what time it was

 So i go over to A's house. me and him got our hands on some mushrooms. we soked them in lemon juice for 15ish mins. it was his first time and decides not to take much and only a little bit of caps. which left me with WELL over an 8th and plenty of caps. and drank the lemon juice as well cuz A didnt like the taste and we go in his back yeard and smoke some weed.

  During this trip i had no sense of time so i cant tell you exactually when this happened and this has got to be my very strangest trip so far! 

and after an hour im talking to M when i turn and see A standing on top of a bench looking down at ppl talking a mile a mminute. then it gets REALLY windy like Crazy windy and i see trees look like there bending in half. and L not knowing i was on mushrooms is talking to some ppl and says jokingly "oh my gosh guys it the fucking end of the world" i think to my self '.........oh my gosh... its the end of the world... the world is ending' i look into the sky and see the clouds above me start spinng the trees are being in half going from side to side in half and im compleatly freaking out B looks at me and he say "hey julia are you okay" it felt like forever i tried to think about what he just said 'okay.... am i..... okay? what is okay....' i stare and him and tried to say no but couldnt find that word 'what was that word' so i shook my head no franticly. He said "okay julia calm down" he poored me a shot "here take this" so i did and then M walks over and she says "hun you look frightened" poors me a shot" and i take it moments later my trip compleatly turns around! ther trees stop bending and the sky stops swerling and thank god the wind turns to a breeze.


so i walk up to A and hes still standing on the bench taling crazy fast and i try and speak but could find the words to say anything. A suddenly stops talking and stares at the christmas lights on his house... and turns to me and says "julia.... look at the lights" and i turn and 'oh my god... how magnificent. there so bright but the color... its so pure.' after i said that in my head unable to say any thing aloud me and A bust out in a hysterical laughter. i had to stop laughing cuz i was in pain from laughing so much so i walk over to the grass sit down and i look at A's pool (which is empty by the way) and i see water in it... it was amazing it was so clear and blue. i stand up and start walking to the pool so i can put my feet in it. and C grabbs me ans says "nope" (assuming i was gonna jump so i shrug my sholder and walk over to the grass.... it felt amazing so soft and i look up cuz i heard something calling me from the bushes. it sound like MiniMouse.... so i start walking over in the trees and bushes looking for this person calling me "julia im over here" and id walk where i heard her shed giggle and say "no julia im this way" then i hear a tree moan and groan and i look at it and feel its sorrow it felt so sad so i started to go over to hug it and it exploaded! the fucking tree exploaded!!! just like a firework with so may magnificet colors! then another groand and i screamed and ran towards it to try and help and then it exploaded! and i fell to my kneen and wanted to sob.


B quickly came over and said "julia whats wrong" i look to him almost in tears but couldnt say anything.... i began to get frustraited because every time i tried my thought were thrown on the floor and some one would scramble them around so i could figure out what which thought was or where it belonged or went to. so i growned and stared at B for help then he laughed and said here gave me a snap so i smoke it. and as i held it in i closed my eyes and say faces.... so many faces. they all had this crazy grin on there face it was like they felt how i felt. they were feeling this magic that was mushroom. and i let it out so me and B sat on the grass and i stared up at the moon and wated it glow in this this crazy intense sort of way as it melt which was normal and i look at the stars and there dancing with eachother to the music A has playing and "this is all normal it happens ever day yet how strange". and i apperently said that out loud and B says whats strange then i point to the sky and try and say reply to him but again someone threw my thoughts to the floor and scrambled them. so i give up and B giggles at my confusion.


so sit up and i look at a fake stone turtle in A's planter... and it turns and looks at me like 'bitch please' and starts walking around and im compleatly dumbfounded! it walked towards me and said "hey julia..... i have to tell you a secret." then starts walking into the bushes so i i look at B questioningly. he looks back at me the same and i say "should i go" amazed that i finaly spoke i hugged him and laughed. then i looked at him seriously and repeated my question... he looked at me and say "yea dont trip to hard" he laughed as i got up and walk to the bushes i thought to my self as i followed the turtle who was talking to its self in somee lanugage that seemed ancent 'trip...... trip.... am i tripping...? what is a trip' his word echo in my head over and over 'dont trip too hard' then the turtle starts changing colors and starts running all over A's back yard and i casually yell at A "hey A! come put ur turtle on a leash he wont calm down" so i shake my head cuz he doesnt comply. all of a sudden the turtle stops still changing colors slowly. and laughs this deep creepy laugh that echos. and he stands up and says "im just kidding" and i start getting freaked out by how creep he sounds he starts walking to the bush and says "follow me" i couldnt help but comply.


so i walk into the bushes and me and the turtle lay down on the ground and i close my eyes and i see myself... laying on the ground and im floating somewhere off to the side and feel my self getting farther and farther away as i watch my self relaxing in the bushes then i panic as i realize whats going on and i rush back into my body and i jump up and run to A panicing not able to find my words again i sit on a char next to the counter and look at the vodka and poor my self a shot.


 A takes us in to the gurage and i sit down on a chare next to J and he pulls out his bong and smokes packs me a bowl and it was untill i took the hit i realized how big of a bowl.... i felt like i was inhaling for an eternity, i close my eyes as i let it out and when i opened my eyes the wall started melting and growing at the same time. then i A put on some dupstep and my mind got fucked! i looked at the floor and it was ripping like a drop of water in a still body of water going with the bass of the song which coursed threw my body and then B sits in front of me and takes his sweater off..... hes wearing a blue shirt. this echos in my mind 'blue shirt... hes wearing... a blue shirt' and the shirt got bluer and bluer. it was im possible i stare at his shit as it starts melting and changing colors... he says "julia what are you staring at?" his voice sounded like everthing was slow the way he said it was deep and super slow! even the music and i said "blue... your shirt was blue" then i stoped and my thoughts felt like they got exploded from my mind and on too the froor and floor got farther and farther away i couldnt reach my thoughts they were on the floor and i looked at everyone the they had that crazy grin on there face i wanted to ask for help but couldnt i couldnt make sense of what anyone was saying. they were talking but there mouths werent moving just hhad those crazy grins on there face.


so J says "have you had anything to drink?" and i smile cuz i head him and everyones face was normal again he hands me a shot i take it then hands me bowl and i smoke it. and as i hold it in the ppl melt from there seats i look to the floor and i see it move like the ocean and strech but i try and focus on the clock in the middlt but i could tell the time when i look around there back in there seats and i say to J what time is it its 2am why and i FREAK OUT! 'that means ive been hear for 8 HOURS i should be home glass of water' "j can u give me a ride he laughs and says "julia its only 9" i freak out again 'OMG its only been 3 hours.... three hours' the i stand as MiniMouse starts callling "julia its okay" i think its okay she says to "its okay... because.....(then she wispers in my ear)your not real......" my breath is taken away...... 'im not real... THiS is not real... i have... no friends... no family.... no soul...... (i whisper in my mind) no life' everything felt soooooooo fake at that moment nothing was really happening. none of it. 'whats my name....why am i here' then C says "julia! want a light show?" i look at him confused 'my names julia?' A takes my arm and me him and C go in to the room C put on his gloves and picks a good song for my current condition. and A give me a massage as C give me a light show. the lights melted into eachother and flowed together so beautifuly. the music was eargasmic "chill dubstep mix #2" on youtube it felt like an eternity of bliss. and and amazing massage i was floating with the melt colors i have never seen something so beautiful! after that i begin to come down and everthing has a streching/ melting motion to it shadows would would shit direction and played the most beast games of beer pong not missing one shot! it was amazing.    

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