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5 grams of chitwan

crazy night

So last night i experienced a full blown psychedelic experience unlike any of my other previous experiences. Ive done shrooms about 6 times now, most doses were in the 1.25 to 3 gram range. also ive done 2 hits of lsd once, and smoked dmt once. but last night i had just collected 5 grams of chitwan mushrooms off of my second grow ever and i was eager to do them right away. I had to choose between waiting another week or two to finish growing another 7 grams for my girlfriend and my best friend in which we'd go trip together outside somewhere scenic, or experience what a 5 gram mushroom trip in silent darkness had to offer. I decided to go with the solo trip because i had read many reports of 5 grams being to much to do and be able to function correctly and did not want to be that messed up outside.

so basically my girlfriend and her cousin would be in the other room watching tv while i secluded myself in my room eating 5 grams and laying down and waiting for the trip to come on. this is what i experienced:

visually everything split into fractal like patterns and time fractalized also like i was stuck in the loop of repeating time. so since i was stuck in that loop i begun to have audio hallucinations that took form in the tv in the living room that my girlfriend was watching. i could hear it from the bedroom i was in and it was making alien noises and such like the really trippy parts of a shpongle song or something. also it would repeat over and over going WAWAWAWAWAWAWA followed by some alien type language that was also followed by human language that was talking to me saying things like "you know that everyone thinks they know the truth" and "your just a human like everyone else" and shit like that. also it said to me "fuck you" which i wasnt scared of but i thought was hilarious at the time. when i started to laugh the tv started to sound like it was laughing with me.

This experience gave me an overwhelming feeling that i was confronting some sort of matrix. like this matrix was of all possibility and contained all the information of history from people and unanimated objects perceptions (such as stars and galaxies). so basically i lived the life of everyone of these people who i 'felt". it was almost like i was a medium in which they could take over my body and teach me what they have learned from living there lives. And this matrix was of everything and was created when time began. it was almost like this matrix was god, but wasnt seperate from me because without my perspective it wouldnt exist. I also had an overwhelming feeling that the mystery of this god like matrix could be mathmatically understood. like math was the key in understanding this experience. also my sense of space and time were completely gone. it felt like as i reached in front of me i was reaching from behind my head, inside my head, and from the normal position were id really be reaching in front of me. It was such an intense experience i thought i was dead at one point and i wouldnt come back to my normal self. it didnt help that i threw up perfusely lol. when i vomited it felt as though i wasnt actually vomiting but this matrix was vomiting through my mouth, if that makes any sense. I felt like this was the beginning of all my possiblities and i became aware that my perseptions on a normal day to day basis was because this matrix gave me the possibility to experience my life the way i do.

it was a really rough experience, it definitly wasnt a easy happy trip and many times i thought i went insane but as i came down i had a sense of well being and happiness that i made it through the entire trip without loosing my shit lol. i did not expect an experience like that and i can see very clearly how you have to be very respectful of the mushrooms or it will burn you. It had a very forceful aspect to it but also a loving and humorous aspect to it as well.

anyone have any similar experiences with talking to this matrix/ god/ entity/ what ever you want to call it? 

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