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2.5 G Trip

One of the best days of my life

My friend KO called me up on a late Thursday evening and the first words that came out of his mouth were, "Guess what i have for you my friend.." 
Well, what he then continued to tell me was that he had some shrooms for sale. Me, a person who loves shrooms and barely gets to see them in the town i live in, jumped on the chance to purchase said shrooms.
I called up a couple of my friends and we all through down for a quarter. I took my 2.5 from the batch and waited until the next day when my parents wouldn't be home so i could experience the trip in a safe environment. I woke up at about 11 am and went to Mcdonalds where i bought a mcdouble and orange juice. I drove home, put all the mushrooms on the burger and ate it, then doused it with the orange juice in my stomach. 
In about 1 hour i was starting to really trip. I was in my house with my younger brother, and his friend, who were about to smoke some bud. I took 2 hits and was immediately high. about ten minutes after smoking is when the shrooms realllly kicked in. I started to think about things i had never thought before. I would look at something, and start to think about how it had came to be. I saw a metal belt on my brothers floor, and began to go on and on about how long it must have taken to make the metal into that shape. I walked downstairs and almost fell down the stairs, to which i then ran back to my brothers room so i could yell at him for not protecting me ( I dont know why because i never told him to watch after me in the first place). But when i entered my brothers room he was playing some type of demonic music, it sounded like a siren, going off over and over and over.
 I started screaming and yelling for him to turn it off, but he laughed at me! His friend told him to stop laughing and turn it off, he understood that tripping was not something you try to fuck around with like that. While i was screaming i felt as if I knew nothing bad would happen, but at the same time, I felt as if the world was ending. This feeling only lasted momentarily, but it was very strange. I continued my quest downstairs but only made it half way down to the landing. I sat at the landing looking out the window for about 45 minutes (Or so my brother says) because it felt like forever. But while i sat there i was just lost in thought.
 My mind just kept going from place to place thinking about so many things with immense detail. I was stuck. Suddenly i noticed that everything was moving in a wavy upward motion. I was seeing things. Then i noticed that i could see a tigers face, literaly everywhere i looked. It was like a bunch of colorful waves, like an aurora, but in the shape of a tiger. I finally made it downstairs where i decided to look for food. There was tons of food sitting right in front of my face and i felt as if i hadn't eaten for days. I opened a box of cereal and all of a sudden lost my appetite. I was no longer starving. I felt disgusted by food and the entire idea of it. I stood in my kitchen, just thinking again for what seemed like forever, again. My brother and his friend came downstairs to check on me where the found me playing with a wine holder. I remember holding that thing in my hands and just looking at it and thinking for a really long time, it was all kind of hazy though. I was talking to my brother and his friend and they were extremly amused by the things i was saying. I kept talking about things they had never thought about before, my mind was expanded, as if the limitations that were previously set when i was sober had been broken and my mind was free. My brother said "I was speaking words from the gospel". Not actually, but the things i were saying had them thinking too. I cant remember the things i said but they were very intriguing. 
My brother and his friend wanted to go to Bojangles (southern fast food) and so i went along. During the car ride i felt like i was in a space ship. i felt like the entire way there we were going way over the speed limit (we werent), but i didnt care, i wanted to go as fast as possible because it was as if the G Forces from the cars motion were amplified by 100. a sudden jerk of the car to the left or the right felt like a huge jerk to the left or right. We went through the drive-through and they ordered there food. I asked to have a couple fries because i strangely felt hungry again, but as i put them in my mouth i started laughing because it tickled. It felt like i was putting worms in my mouth, that tasted like delicious fries. After i put them down i put my finger in my mouth. and started to play with my tongue. I felt as if my tongue and my finger were battling each other, and i heard super smash brothers music playing as i twiddled my finger around in my mouth. When we got home we started to talk again while they ate. I kept thinking, way too much. So much that i would forget how to keep myself standing straight up. It was like mind overload, and  from thinking that much i kept putting the essential things like keeping myself standing, and keeping my words in tact lower on the list of things for my brain to do. i kept slurring my words and i looked as if i was mentally ill when i started to think too much. We went back upstairs and we started to watch youtube videos. We were watching rap videos of Don Trip and it sounded like the best music i had ever heard. After that i couldnt remember much of what we did. but I was tripping for many hours. 
Later that day I smoked again with my friends, about 8 hours after i ate the shrooms and i felt as if the shrooms came back to me slightly.
This was my first time ingesting mushrooms. I have done shroom pills a couple of times before. The first time being slightly similar to this trip, but i knew what i had coming to a degree when i went into this. 

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