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First Shroom Trip

very good, to dead low.

So i have had buddies that have done shrooms before and told me how awesome and fun they were , but untill a few days ago i was afraid to try them because of the possible 'bad trip'. Anyway ive smoked weed, done coke, drank alot, and done them all together but this was something totally differnt.

It started by me going to my dealer and buying 2g of dried mushrooms, not sure what kind, i knew they were safe because four of my friends had been tripping on them the night before. I asked one of my buddys if he wanted to do them with me that night, he said he couldnt because he was going out with the girl that night. So i said fuck it and decided to do them by myself (1st mistake). I had read that you werent supose to do them by yourself especially if its your first time tripping and your not experienced, but i ignored it. So i got home with the mushrooms, cooked myself up a bacon sandwich to get something on my stomach as i hadnt ate anything that day. after that i sat down in my apartment atmy computer, made sure i had 'yellow submarine' film up and ready to trip to, and ate up half of the 2g, they didnt taste that bad so i chewed them up very theroly. i set a timer on my iphone so i knew how long it had been since i ate them. at about 20 minutes in i began to feel my body get heavy and quite draged down feeling but i was bounding with energy, around 45 minutes in colors began to get brighter, and i began to notice shapes in places i wudnt normally notice them. i decided to eat another stem and cap, ( only had 5 shrooms) . at around an hour -hour 10 mins in, i was feelinG AMAZING , energy of a coke buzz,  feeling like i was a rockstar bouncing and dancing around to deadmau5 and skrillex thinking i was a big time DJ on a tv show set in my apartment. at around hour and half in i ate what i had left of my shrooms, the last shroom i danced around the apartment laughing staring at it  finally ate it , trying to find something to do but i cudnt keep focus long enough to sit down and do something. by then i had a few cigs was watching the sunset because i had ate them when it was still daylight, i went inside, was txting my buddy and noticed my hands were glowing red and my iphone was sparkly, and i see patterns acrost my hands. i went to the computer and played around on my syntheziser and watched trippy youtube videos. i then decided to go have another cigarette. as i walkede back into my living room the music suddently ended, and my living room was dark, i then noticed it was dark outside, i looked into the closet acrost the room and relised how creepy it looked in shadows, that was the first bad thought. i started pacing back and forth between rooms thinking about how im going to have a bad trip if i dont stop thinking about dark and creepy things. i went back in and decided to lay on my bed to calm down. bad idea. nomusic no noice silence,and i found my self thinking about my life, and how my apartment is horribly  messy, ive wasted 130 dollars on drugs in the last week, and ive 'wasted' (not  after the trip i didnt think this)  3-4 hours of my life having a bad trip. i ended up laying in bed wraped up in my blanket staring at the wall, thinking about how im a peice of shit for no aparent reason. i tryed to get into a shower twise but got scard of being in the small bathroom for some reason, so i kept laying back down, trippin still seeing differnt colors very obvious shapes and thinking bad thoughts and how i sometimes really disrespect people and thats horrible. i finalluy got so worked up , no one was txting me back that i caklled someone and spilled my guts about how my life is wrong and that im going to change somethings about it if the trip ever ends.

the problem i figured out was, that i shudnt have gone into doing shrooms when i have problems with how im living my life, and not being at peace with myself, also being alone and having no one there with experience was a bad bad idea, i also shud have kept my self busy and not let my mind wondor to bad places

next time i trip i will try 2g again but in a safe place during the day around friends, these friends have all done it before and know what to exspect and how to help, im looking forward to the next trip as now i have realised it wasnt a completely bad first trip i realised things about my life that are wrong and i have decided to change things such as how i treat people, how much i drink, how much i spend on drugs, and taking pride in what is mine ( myself/apartment) and keeping them things neat and tidy.

fyi- i was smokinga bit of weed too, but nothing major, i smoke weed on a semi-reg basis

please any insite from an experiencened tripper, wud be very helpful

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