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My First Mushroom Experience

First Time EVER.. Great Story.

                       Sooo, i'll try and keep this short and sweet. I've tripped on mushrooms a good seven times, 6 1/2 of which were AWESOME!! But No Story Compares to my first experience. Me and a friend.. EJ.. He had eaten mushrooms once before and had been bragging to everyone how cool it was. Being EJ's best friend, not long after his first experience (and me still being a Psilocybin Virgin) quickly got our hands on some boomers.. same source he got his first bit from. We Both hungout on a friday afternoon, solid 69* F day, clear skies.. nothing to do the day after... We chomped the stuff down with a few glasses of OJ. Remember his second time, my first. I wont talk about how much we ate, but i will warn newbies, start with 1 - 1.5g and work SLOWLY up each time. Going from 1.5g to 3.5g can be severely more intense. Mentally Overwhelming if you will. U got to know what u can handle and 1.5g is a good place to start. So we ate em and drank the OJ around 1PM my house Parents floating around the house. We took a walk up to a local park (bout 20 min walk) where several other people we knew were hangin out and had invited us (none of them tripping). During the walk there nothing unusual really. Then, Turning onto the Last street which the park was about 200' down i caught myself looking at this sewer grate on the corner laughing at it. walking by staring at it uncontrollably laughing. This sent my Buddy EJ walking right next to me into a similar laughter. We both started Cracking up looking at each other, then away, then back at each other.. just laughing, at Life or something. It was a connected laughter, we were both laughing at the same thing but neither one of us knew what. Walking up to a group of people under a gaziebo at the park didn't seem strange, it was quite comforting considering i knew all of them.. Our trips had kicked in, but nothing obvious yet.. Just wait till u hear this shit.
                         Standing under the gazeibo, clouds had crept over our town. People were sitting on the picnic benches under the gazeibo, on the table and the benches themselves. We were all mingling and some of them there knew i had taken mushrooms and it was my first time. I got Surrounded with ?'s from two or three of them 'yoo man, feelin anything yet'.. ' hey man u feelin that shit or what'.. I honestly wasn't felling much so i honestly answered them with no. They were joshin me like 'ya, ya your fucked up' the drizzle had started and it turned to a light rain. This is when my Trip Started.
                         The first thing i noticed was down on the concrete platform which stood under the gazeibo. The Dry colored Concrete, vs the wet Concrete which the new rain has just started splashing on. the dry spots vs wet spots began to SLOWLY develop an intricate pattern that i could clearly see. These shapes, symbols, letters, pitchforks all bonded together throughout dry and wet spots on concrete. I was thinkin, Holy Shit.. This is it, This is what i wanted.. to hallucinate.. and now it's happening. I Couldn't believe how vivid and intricate these freakin patterns were man. Jimbo, one person i knew who was sitting on the table was askin me questions while i was bewildered by what i was seeing on the ground. His comments/questions zipped right through one ear and out the other. there was no time for comprehension of his words. i looked at his face and quickly noticed the pale color of his skin with the red blemishes creeping around his cheeks like it was a worm under his skin. this freaked me out slightly so i took a step away towards the baseball fields which were right behind this gazeibo which were also part of the park.. Whoooaaa mann. i was trippin now! the same intricate patterns i was seeing on the dry/wet concrete..  letters, symbols, shapes, lines now spread out across these two baseball fields which were connected to each other. i was seeing the same thing that was on the concrete but now in the grass!!! This made me soo happy that i was actually tripping, hallucinating.. doing what i wanted to do. i must have watched those baseball fields for a good 20 mins while every one else was chatting with each other. My buddy EJ, by the way, was in his own little world, looking at other shit havin a great time too. 
                        Since everyone had walked to this park (all from same area) and now it was raining, they had scheduled a ride to come pick everyone up. Of course they told me and my buddy EJ several times but we didn't know or care what they were telling us. Within what seemed like 5 SECONDS, everyone had vanished. Gone. Left me and EJ like BAM!  Litterally 6 other people jumped into this white caddilac sedan (which was my friend aarons just had no idea again what they were talking about a few mins prior to this) and left me and EJ, Tripping, in the rain.. under a gazeibo at this park, by ourselves. Mannnn, we looked at each other and knew we were fucked. His face seemed purplish so i tried not to look at it for too long periods of time. We instinctively began to walk back towards my house, in the rain with no jackets.. just tee shirts. We peaked on this walk back.
                         My sense of direction was fine, i knew exactly where i was and where i had to go. Me and EJ walked literally side by side, taking up the whole sidewalk. The thing was.. even though we were 'walking', it seemed like i was just ' popping up' at places nearer and nearer to my house. My Tee shirt was soaked and as i grabbed it, it just seemed like it would keep streaching! Through this journey up to this point, there we not really any negative or bad vibes. just the awkwardness of being stranded at the park for those few minutes. With eachothers company still walking, or popping up i guess, we popped up to one more small grass field that we had to cross which cut through the block to my house.. man, those freakin patterns were flowin through that bitch like a river! Got back home, patterns on the wet driveway.. parents still home. Me and EJ got inside, said hi to the parents.. nothing too difficult. then got away from them quickly. Had a remaining 2 hours looking at the carpet and walls of my home. 10/10 Good trip for both of us. this led me to eat mushrooms several times after this experience.. and EVERY TIME i get the Same Intricate Pattern Visuals. i love Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms. Eat Just enough and you'll have an awesome time. I highly recommended to anyone who has not tried it to give it a shot. Like i said though, start small and see where your at. ** this experience was about 8 years ago.. i haven't done mushrooms or any other drugs in years. just pot i guess but thats not a freakin drug man comon. i am currently giving growing a shot and i just inoculated some psilocybe cubensis b ..  i took very sterile precautions and all requirements were met. ill post updates on how that goes, but man.. i cant wait to give these things another whirl !!!!

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