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8 hits of stong lsd and MDMA at Bassnectar. Mindblowing

Tripping face at bassnectar.... never heard of this

This is my first trip report so sorry for anything i do wrong -____-
Last new years (2011-2012) i went to see bassnectar in Nashville tn.  Me and my friends had been getting excited about the show for months before and it was finally time.  I had 15 hits of LSD and 1/8 of mali that i was going to sell to my friends and take for my self.  I had planned on selling the majority of my drugs and then just taking the leftovers.  I only ended up selling about 2.5 g of mali and 5 hits of the dose and i was standing in line waiting to get in with 10 hits and a gram still on me.  I had already done about 3 pts of mali earlier and had been smoking weed the whole day.  I was to scared to try to sneak the sugar cubes in so i decided i would get rid of them before i got to the security check.  I ate the cubes one at a time until there were only 2 left and i decided to give those to the people in line around me because i was a bit scared of taking all ten hits.  We finally got into the concert and the first act was terrible.  We spent the whole time he was on trying to get onto the floor which we eventually did.  I had taken the major of the mali, that i had left, before the show started and i saved some for during but by this point i was rolling hard.  I raged hard once break science came on and was having a great time just rolling for the most part.  By the end of Break Science i could feel the dose coming on.  Things started to look weird and feel weird and right as i realized that; bassnectar came on.   The first drop was total bliss.  The lights memorized me and i couldn't stop myself from staring at them.   The concert was amazing but about an hour into bassnectars set (or so i had no perception of time)  shit started to get real.  I began tripping hard and harder.  At first, the lights were just looking more and more beautiful and then the lights started turning into animals and people and faces that were all talking to me.  Little did i know that was only the beginning of the trip. All of a sudden i was completely surrounded by TV screens.  all around me and above me there were screens but i cant remember what was on them.  I thought they were real until afterwards my friends informed me that the majority of the stuff i saw wasn't real.  Then instead of being surrounded by my fellow bassheads, i was surrounded by a group of circus freaks.  All around me were these crazy midgets and giants dressed in yellow and red clothes looking at me and talking to me....(maybe i watched fear and loathing 1 to many times while tripping)  then i started having the same hallucination every time there was a drop.   I saw this same thing about 15 times and it was the exact same every time.  Right as the bass would build up before a drop, the entire crowd around me would be encased in a capsule type thing..  Then we would fly waaaaaay up into the air and everyone would be screaming as though it was a roller coaster.   We would fly up into a small fenced in area that appeared to be someones back yard.  On the top row of the fence there was a miniature train set driving across the fence.   After flying way up into the air and getting a good arial view of the yard which contained a sandbox and a BBQ grill, we would fly right straight down into the spout of the train that was spewing out smoke and as soon as we went into the spout, the song would drop and i would remember that i was actually at a bassnectar concert and i would start raging again.  I also remember seeing elephants and these weird creture things that were almost human and i bet there are tons of other crazy things that i saw that i dont even rememeber...

I have never heard of anyone having this intense of a trip or such vivid repeating hallucinations but i also have never talked to someone who's taken that much acid and mali at the same time.  Overall it was one of the best nights of my life however i know for sure that i will never take that much acid and mali together again.

thanks for reading sorry im an aweful story teller but i just want people to hear about this crazy experience and i would like to hear if anyone has had any similar trips.

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