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15 grams of shrooms = insane

absolute insanity

so me and 2 friends bought a large amount of shrooms off a friend, planning to split them between a few of us but that definetly didnt end up happening. we got home with 85 grams of shrooms, we were all going to have a few maybe 5 just for a funky night lol.
1 friend ended up deciding not to do any so me and my mate started with 3 grams ground up and disolved in lemon juice for 20 minutes, as well as 2 more grams straight swallowed. It hit us within about 15 minutes at which stage i was quite trippy, at a nice stage just going in very happy. We were at my house so decided to head outside to sit on the balcony and have a cigarette and chill, but before long we decided to take another 3 grams each, although my mate decided to only take 2 grams (wuss), so we swallowed them then decided to all go for a walk to a local park, needless to say we made it to the end of the street before i decided we had definetly gone far enough and sat down on the grass to have a quick break, ended up lying in the grass for 45 minutes apparently staring at the sky, it was about 9pm by this stage. Looking at the sky was awesome the stars were all moving and the moon was changing colours. we then decided to head back home to the safety of my home. I then decided to take a few more grams stupidly i swallowed another 3 grams so at this stage i was at 11 grams, this is when things started to get very very insane. everything was moving the colours were messed up and i could no longer string together coherent sentences. I went outside to smoke a ciggy, when i figured out we had run out, i really couldnt take this, so i walked out of the house leaving my friends behind and made my way to the service station about 20 minutes away, the walk was insane i could see things that wernt there and kept hearing cars but couldnt see cars then when i got to servo i walked straight in and honestly have no idea what happened but i walked out with a new pack of ciggys and a lighter, the guy mustve have thought i was the biggest junkie out haha. I then walked home again, practically running home after seeing flashing lights and thinking the police where coming for me. when i got home i walked straight out the back had a cigarette with my mate who had been tripping out quite badly because he couldnt find me for an hour. By this stage everything is fuzzy but my mate told me i walked inside grabbed another handfull of shrooms and stuck them in my mouth, approximatly 4 grams if my mate is right, and that puts my dosage up to 15 grams for the night. I couldnt talk anymore so my friends left me outside with some music going and the cigarettes. My mind was absolutely fried by this stage. As i sat there i went in and out of my body and everytime i came back to my body i had absolutely no idea who i was, then within about 10 seconds i would remember everything about myself, then i would go out of my body and this would repeat itself again, over and over this happened. I was thinking about such deep shit that could change the entire planet and make the world a better place except as soon as my trip finished i forget it all lol. for about 4 hours i sat out there tripping my balls off before finally my mates came to sit with me by this stage i had been tripping for close to 8 hours and i was begining to get a bit scared i couldnt stop myself from crying and crying because i was afraid i was never coming out of the trip. We sat there for another 2 hours before my friends fell asleep, then turned on the tv and im not sure how long i watched tv for but next thing i know i was waking up.

Now me and my friend looked at how much we had left after the nights events and we only had 62 grams left and my mate is adament he only had 7 grams which leaves me eating 15 grams which is absolutely ridiculous i have never heard of someone taking that amount which is why i wanted to post this, also if anyone has had around this dosage please tell me i wanna know how yours went couse my experience was absolutely insane

Thanks guys :)

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