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Well, let’s see if I can re-count the activities of my new year’s trip!

Well, let’s see if I can re-count the activities of my new year’s trip! This was my very first trip to New York! I was super excited, and even more excited to meet my internet buddy, Boba Fett(you love to hate him). Boba also promised to bring the magical fungi with him... this was to be a new year to be remembered! So he took a 4 hour bus ride and Beth and I met up with him that day. So the day faded and night crept upon us...we went to see They Might Be Giants(excellent show I might add) afterwards..we walked up to 49th to catch a glimpse of the infamous ball.. we got there and boba encouraged beth and I to split and eat the shroomies he brought. (He didn’t eat any cuz these made him puke) so we each had ourselves about 3.5grams.. we choked them down with the help of beer and off we went to buy some alkie halll for Boba’s sober ass. After hassling and being hassled, we got a couple of 40oz and off we ran to the mass of overexcited, drunk “happy new year’-ers! So here we are, in the middle of a drunken, joyful riot of ppl blocking traffic, rocking cabs, jumping on them..breaking windows..this is crazy. We run to another street as the posse of cops on horses break it up..and boba claims to have seen a guy rolling a joint in the middle of this debauchery! Hell yea, nY rules. So off we run towards another crowded street as fights break out on the sidewalks..people being shoved into oncoming traffic..we cross the street and continue our journey. Running is hard when you’re tripping..We join another crowd of people crossing the street where I almost get hit by a car, boba almost does too..ouch. it’s like 15 till the drop so we all stand around straining our eyes to see the damn thing. 5 minutes till the drop...3 minutes...2..i lift my camera to my face and when I take that first look thru the lens..i realise..i’m TriPPinG!!! Wow..there’s all this shit before my eyes and the countdown begins.. my eyes are creating a mini firework show before the ball even explodes.. then I look at boba and plant one on him to bring in the new year. I pull away when I notice that I can’t function at this moment..leaving boba to think he’s a bad kisser..he’s not Gals! So then we stand on the sidewalk and watch the swarm of people leaving the area...heading to parties, bars..and the whatnot. Us, realizing we aren’t from here, knowing no one..where the hell are we gonna go now? So we follow the stream of people..and fights are breaking out, my friend beth, encouraging them..we drag her away and somehow end up in the disgusting Port Authority..we meet again. Before going in, we notice a guy shouting some babble about FREE SHROOMS! He gives boba a bag of questionable contents. Inside we wander aimlessly thinking of ideas..why didn’t we think about this happening before? There are tons of ppl in the P.A. we sit on the floor. I begin to experience the visuals..the plain floor turns into swirls of color and patterns..telling me a different story in every second I stare...the people across from me are eating,,their faces start to melt...I look to my right..beth has her head between her legs enjoying her own mysterious world..i look to my left, bored, semi-drunk boba is ranting about something..i watch as his face starts to melt away..i stare down at his dark green jacket..wOw..lot’s of dragons swirling around on his arm..i enjoy this for the next 10-15 minutes. They just look like they’re swimming around in the green pool of boba’s arm. I look up and new ppl have seated themselves in the place of the former 2 . this guy is grinning from ear to ear at us, it’s funny..he looks like an elf...wait a second! His friends look like elves too! He starts sliding beer over to boba and I. Very nice of the fella. We sit and boba tries to get me to express my feelings, my thoughts..what i’m seeing..i just can’t..i hafta enjoy it silently.. I look up in time to see a drunk man stop in front of us and piss himself..then he starts puking..we get up and run off ..we decide to go up the escalator, beth and I can’t stop laughing or smiling.. a cop notices boba’s beer and yells at us..he puts it down on the moving escalator..this was funny..but me, freaking out, run to the side as beth and boba talk to the cops..*sorry Boba* they leave and we decide to go outside in the freezing night. Walking along the sidewalk..i’m cold...we go into the foyer of a mcdonald’s..after babbling and not getting anything figured out, we grow tired of the weird looks and we venture back out into the dark, freezing night. Somehow we come upon Penn Station! I’m very pleased to see it..this was my comfort zone..the place I was most familiar with in NY. We hurry inside. As we enter the building, there’s a rush of warm air..people look happy,...phishheads are roaming the grounds..we find a spot to sit at and I glue my butt to the floor. All night people wish us a happy new year and the vibe was soo good. I was surrounded by happiness..i believe I was surrounded with many shroomers that night. Beth is off and wandering alone..i am sitting next to boba who still wants me to share with him what I can’t force my mouth to say. Instead I stare at him..beth would come sit ,and laugh that crazy tripping laugh and then she’d lean on my shoulder as thoughts ran around in my mind a million miles a second. Boba found a pillow in my legs and got comfortable..i felt like the center of the universe..i felt I held all things important and that I was a very important person as well. I felt best when no one was speaking but instead, I could feel what they were thinking, feeling, just by being the pillow for both of them. I was a mind reader in my own sense. We all stayed like that for a short while before beth decided to go wander some more.. the night winding down..i finally start feeling like i’m coming down...around 7am. New years day was a long day of being strung out.. shrooming in NYC was definetly a fun time..but make sure you have somewhere to go!! Make sure you ‘re not gonna be wandering mindlessly around some strange place..unless you enjoy adventure. And make sure the people you are with get along somewhat..

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