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Tripping at Festival Amazing trip

one hand washes the other

 So this weekend during the 17-19th of this month was the Annual Italian Festival. Before This I grew my own mushrooms and they were great, never had a bad trip, only positive ones. So on the 8th around 8 pm me and my friend went and met this kid who also grew his mushies under his bed. We got an 1/8 and split it. They were dried and I was a little paranoid about eating it because I didnt grow it.  Well we ate it and were waiting at a friends house outside the festival. His mom is cool and lotsa people go over there to just chill, smoke and party, great place to trip. Well 15 minutes later im beggining to feel it working on me. 

I began to see the vividness of the colors, and things began breathing. SO we went to the festival and walked around meeting people. My friend didnt feel anything at all yet. It was his second trip and the frist time he said it was alotta fun. We then went back to the outside of the festival and now Im seeing strong patterns on the ground. I went to smoke a ciggarete because I like the buzz on shrooms. And I look at the sky and it was beautiful.
The color looked purple and blue mixing together. It was so bright and the stars were glimmering. Well anyways My other friends took us to this mall to see this fight but nothing happened of course. My other friend who ate with me left earlier and when we got back he was in terrible shape. He was just asking how to make it end. I tried for a while to cheer him up and make him laugh, but no he locked him self in this room. So we left and my trip is peaking. I go to my other friends house just down the street. So were walking and the ground looked like goop and legs felt stuck in it.  Wen we get to the outside of his house we see his brother and this guy and hes snorting a freaking link of coke on his chair, We go inside and I tell this other kid and he didnt believe me. Thenn the guy doing the coke came inside and snorted really loud. It was so trippy for me. we were messing with him and stuff.
Well he left later on.

After he left my friends carpet began moving. the designs on the carpet began reaching for my legs. Well anyways I didn't go to bed till like 6. i was just so in shock about all the drug people I ran into that day. I saw kids who were toking some weed like crazy, Shroomers, some kids on ecstacy. and Then the cocaine. Well I believe that was my best trip to date. I saw trails and the patterns and morphing all the time, but what made it awesome was the communication I had with everyone and the sky. The sky was beautiful. It was indescribable. I went outside with some people like 5 times and was just staring at the sky. 

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