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Loss of senses-

Note- Visiting my family, my mother and step father where present during this trip.

Previous Phycadelic experiences- 10 previous trips on shrooms
Body indications- Weight- 234 lbs
                                 Height- 6'1

Dose- 21 grams (dry) Libtery Caps

Although I have no true reason for dosing this high, I realize how idiotic it really was. 
I kept taking them like a snack bag, until my hallucinations started. For a whole hour, I ate my whole stash.
I had the average visuals, walls breathed, geometric patterns.... not too exciting.
It began when I lit a cigarette to lighten the mood. My mother does not apporve of smoking in the house, so she came out and yelled at me. For some reason, I had it in my mind that she was going to arrest me, or that she had a clue I was intoxicated and was wiling to call an ambulance.

I walked to my room, only to walk through a dark, twisting hallway. My mom's voice was absolutely demonic.

I had to lay down, because I knew I didn't want to have a panic attack on this high HIGH dose. 

The lights in the hallway where BRIGHT and seeping in through my cracked door. I would hear my mom's door open every 5 seconds, like she was playing with it.... After what seemed like a minute (but was about an hour), my touch with reality faded.

I thought I was dead. I was contemplating my life as a ghost, and such....
I the began freaking out, just lying in bed, and I felt awfully guilty for dosing this high.

Then, a dangerous thought ran through my head after about another hour.....
Maybe I went insane?
Maybe this trip will never end?

I would simply THINK about walking, and I would be walking. My body was non-existent. I would close my eyes, only to see clear though my eyelids into a room much like my own, but melting with mushrooms printed everywhere. My lamp looked like a mushroom.... 

Maybe it was my fate to end my own life?
I simply thought about going into the kitchen and taking a knife to my throat, ad it happened. I would've cut it, if it wasn't for the blade being white-hot. the handle blistered my hand, and I threw it across the room.

The only thing that kept me semi-sane was the infomercials I always wake up to in the morning being projected.
The people presenting numerous products where demonic, and I chose to ignore it. My sense of death began to 
fade, and I chose to believe the trip would end soon (I knew it was inevitable, but I was just too far out of it).

I go out once more only to vomit on the floor.... I was unconscious untill then! I seemed to be sleep walking, and then I came back to a pool of shroom vomit on splattered on the ground.... I walked back to my room without the naseua that was present before.

At 6:00 am, I just kinda, "woke up" all at once... As the sun rised, so did my touch with reality.
My dog was barking, which he never does.... So I went outside into the living room to see he ate my vomit....
My dog was tripping! He was acting totally crazing and so..... 

I slept all day that day and had to stay an extra day at my mother's...
I had an awful hangover half of the day after...... It was awful...

-Thanks for reading about my experience!

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