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Equidorian..Not Impressed!!

I've had way better

Me and my fiance decides to try some Equidorian  be both took 2 eights each figuring we would have a pleasant experience  as we have done different types of shrooms together and  2 eights is usually very cool. But on this instance we both got the body high at first but it didn't last very long at all!! Colors were not that bright or anything.. After she lost her body high it was over for her, as for me My body high lasted a little longer than hers did and for about 5 min when I looked at her, her face morphed a little and then it was over. It was the most disappointing trip ever. I'm wondering if they just didn't have the potency that they should have because of  the extra long time it took for the cakes to colonize. Every shroom I have ever grown using the pf tek are usually ready to birth within a month but these almost took 2 months for some reason. Any way I wont be growing or taking any more of this strain..

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