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25i-NBOMe ++++

i can't believe the depths of my mind.

Last night i had what i would call a ++++ experience on 25i. I insufflated 1mg capsule and about an hour later i felt that i wasnt feeling anything (i think i was wrong haha) and ended up insufflating the other one i had. About 30 mins after that i was laying in bed watching my strobe light and listening to music and everything started to get real life. when i say real life i mean the visuals were so strong that when i would close my eyes or have them open i couldn't tell if my eyes were open or closed. i kept having revelations and seeing kaleidoscopic patterning. about an hour into the trip my mind went to space. I was contemplating why i was here, what this person wanted from me, why they were showing me all this knowledge. i felt like i knew to much, i felt dirty knowing all this and that i was blessed to know it. i began putting my family members in my shoes, wondering how they would feel if they were on my level, which at this point i didn't even know what my level was.... we will call it... pure psychedelic bliss... i had total ego death, time wasnt even a human concept to me anymore, i was trying to figure out who i was and where i needed to be. any human concept at this point was gone...  when i was peaking (or i think so) i was sitting there staring at my wall (which has great wall paper there is tons of texture that loves to morph and wind and change colors) sitting there thinking my mind was a weapon ready to destroy the world with all the knowledge that 25i had shown me, as i thought this the fractal patterns began exploding from me shooting my deadly thoughts at them, as they would explode they would look like a huge mortar firework ( the big ones they show at baseball games and shit) about 30 minutes after my peak which i was definetly at a ++++ at my peak i came down to a solid +++ for a few hours and smoked a few bowls of cannabis with my brother. i wish i could relive this.

i'm not sure how to explain or even put into words this trip, it had such a great impact on my life i don't think i'll ever be the same

25i is a very beautiful substance that should be used very very wisely and can have great effects when used responsibly

i hope everyone enjoyed, because it was so profound.

explore the depths of your mind peacefully my friend and let everything be one.

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