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The most amazing night of my life 25inbome

Unlike any other drug ive ever tried VERY psychedelic

Well ive written plently of trip reports here on the shroomery before but ill tell you now this drug was unlike ANYTHING ive ever taken,it reminded me of an acid trip at first but thats probably because it gives that feeling of like "Whoah everything is starting to get strange" but once the 25i sets in, its truely the most UNIQUE drug i have ever taken in fact there arent actual words for that but im going to try to explain Let me start at the beginning

To set the scene my cousin Z and i pretty much planned everthing out in advance because once your tripping on 25-i even the simplest thing like weighing your weed becomes just totally imcomprehensible.So it was 9pm Tuesday and we had been real excited all day about tripping but we were both a tad uneasy because we both were taking 550mic(we ended up taking 725mics each)But at first we just wanted to try one tab each of 550mics then after we both took a tab and we waited an hour(45min or so) to gauge whether or not we need more. And both my cousin and i at this point were tripping pretty hard and i felt like i was frying but it was only probably a level 2 or 3 trip i mean it was pretty intense but this night we were looking for a level 4 or 5 trip so after about 45min of smoking cigs and shooting the shit and he said alright im ready to take this trip to the next level and i was totally down with it because i knew i was tripping a little bit but i knew that it had the potential to be an amazing trip so about an hour after the first one we both took 1/2 of another 550mic so that brought us both us to about roughly 725 mics each and this is where the real fun started.

So after we dropped the second tab maybey 15-20min into it i had a full blown emotional/phsical/visual hallucination that i was talking to my cousin in one reality but it seemed like he had stopped moving and talking and i saw one still image of him but radiating from that image was a blur of what was really him because in reality my cousin never stopped moving or talking.I just totally hullicinated that.And that was just for starters. Then maybey 15min later i was sitting in the garage smoking a cig and All of the outlines that i saw on whatever was in the room werent straight but they were wavy or melty either its what i would describe as flowing lol almost like when an artist first lays down a brilliant shade in watercolors except i litterally saw a neon blueishgreen flowing through the lines like water.So i just continue to talk but EVERYTHING around me was like i was in a famous artists paintings.So by this time i have a smile PLASTERED on my face and am laughing at random not funny things like my cousin was telling a story about someone he knew that drug overdosed and of course i knew for a fact it was not funny yet when i heard it i started cracking up and im like sorry dude i know this really isnt funny but i just cant stop laughing lol and we were definately hitting the peak then because after i was in this sort of watercolor-world for a while the Entire universe was almost shrinking or melting down around my cousin to where mostly all i saw was the ENTIRE universe melting and dissapating around him .Everything that i saw was a COMPLETE hallucination except my cousin.That part was pretty amazingly intense but not too intense which i really liked.

At the point of our peak i expirience ESP and now before this trip no matter how many people said hallucinageons can cause ESP i definately did not belive it but what was happening was, i would start a psychedelic rant that even i didnt know where i was going with and eveytime we finished each other thoughts just as we just thought it.But what really made me a beliver of this ESP came later in the trip when we got back up to the room and my cuz and i were still on our peak and we were watching avatar and it was getting pretty intense emotionally and each of the helicopters were turning into 2 navi'(blue people) swimming in the air face to face and my i was frying so hard at the time it was just all so intense and we hadnt talked about music or anything but he went to say something right as it became super intense for me and befoe he actually said anything at all i said "And speaking of music..." And he fucking looked at me like he just saw a ghost i was like whats wrong and he said i just thought the exact same thought right before you said it.And it might not sound like much but trust me if I think ESP is real then it mustve been a very fuckinng powerfull expirience cuz usually i think all that stuff is a load of shit.

Also some cool visuals i remeber were like i was walking up the stairs and the stairs lost their shape and melded into a geometric slant where it looked like all the stairs was just one big geometric void so to speak where all i could see was geometric,if i hadnt been following my cousin up the stairs i would have most UNDOUBTABLY fell on my face and broke all my teeth.Then when i got up the stairs i put on echoes by pink floyd and it was amazing i mean the music eminated with joy and relife and sorrow and hope.It was like i felt a gentle breeze the air coming from the music being played and it was just amazing because i closed my eyes and all the geometric i saw on the stairs unfolded brightly in different colors in my mind and just mutated over and over some many many different shapes and designs and colors its just to hard to put into words almost and i dont think anyone could ever draw what i saw i mwan it was truley a one of a kind expirience unlike acid and unlike shrooms and unlike 2ce but still this is one of the most amazing trips ive ever had .Also here are some notes that i didnt fit in to the main story but are still very importaint

In my opinion unlike most drugs ive tried, you really feel like your brain is in a frying pan i mean its a very strong strong mental fuck.Which isnt really good or bad but still a fact

This drug is not mainly visual probablly 70% of the whole expirience is emotional and physical.Which in its own very unique way is ALOT of fun its just a whole different kind of adventure
Also i expirienced quite a bit of nausea but never vomitted so in that respects it wasnt as bad as shroom nausea.

Finally its a very very powerfull INTENSE expirience and the come-down is relativly smooth but both my cousin and i found that taking just one xanax during the comedown makes things transition very very nicely on the come down,Overall i had a BLAST this morning i felt like i just went to a relaxion spa for a month in one night. I would HIGHLY recommend to 25i to anyone who has had psychedelics expiriences before but really wants something UNIQUE in their trip. Its a powerfull substance thats slot alot of fun unlike any other drug in the world actually

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