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first experience, amazing experience

I love em

              For a few years now, I have expierimented with the world of drugs. While I live in a small county on the coast of Maine, they are easier to aquire than one might think with the impression of the state. However while I"ve smoked my share of dope, and various other substances, I had never tripped before. I tried Salvia once but i don't really consider that shit even being considered a hallucinagen. But a few months ago my buddy had a new shipment of magic mushrooms he got from Boston. With that I decided that I should finally give it a go. 

 As excited as I was i did do a fair amount of research on shroom's before purchasing them. Reading trip reports on the shroomery, information, side affects, etc. all of that just to be aware and I came to the conclusion that i would be fine as long as i just made myself ready for whatever I was to experience. So, I bought that bag of joy. I bought an 8th and was told by many to not take the full amount, "an 8th is way too much for your first time" some would say. However i knew i could handle it and just thought of how awesome it was going to be. 

On the day of taking the shrooms (saturday) i made sure with my boss that I wasn't going to be around, (just incase he decided to try and call me in when i was tripping) I went with some bros to my friends house by the beach, and people were getting ready for a party that would take place later that night. So having 4 or 5 hours to kill i put the 8th in a peanut butter sandwinch and consumed them. People were asking me how i was doing because i was the only one who was tripping that day and they were gonna lead me through it. I didnt feel anything however, but i knew that was to be expected. So, to kill time i joined a few friends in hot boxing a room upstairs. After turning off my phone we played some trippy tunes and there was just an overall chill feeling around us. While sitting on a bed, i began to just smile. Everything was chill and the vibes were good and i didnt even notice i was making crazy signs with my hands. Some friends started laughing and like a train the shrooms hit me and I lost it, just haunched over with laughter. everything was helarious and awesome. People started asking what are you seeing? or hows it feel? but i just kept laughing and getting higher and higher. Soon I left the room and walked down the stairs slowly and laughing as i started to feel and know for a fact that I was starting to trip. Trippy music from hendrix to even dubstep was being played on loud as i was becoming increasingly higher, so high. after awhile of chilling and laughing (or what seemed to be awhile) i started to notice weird movements in the designs of the rug below me, chairs, lamps and hallways were becoming distorted, and a weird undiscribable color was kind of hazing on the walls. While someone began flipping through the channels on the tv, pirates of the carribein came on and as soon as I saw a man with a powdered wig, his face began to twirl as his hair was. As i looked to my left, everyone elses face did the same and i began laughing my ass off once again. Colors on objects changed through the corners of my eyes and for a seconed it seemed as if the color came out of the sleeve of my sweatshirt. When jimi hendrix Castles made of Sand came on, i began to literally sync with the music, its like the sounds moved me and its almost as if i was in my own reality swimming to it. In what seemed of hours of endless fun turned out to be about 20 minutes and that is where i realized time to me was meaningless and i was leaving reality. Its almost like I was in my own dimension and scince everyone else was only high off weed, it was like i was looking through a window to reality but still in my own world. 

Things began to get weird however later on in the trip and I found myself sitting on a chair, sweatshirt off because i was sweating fiercly and the room it seemed was too hot. I began to think irrationally and became paranoid, after that my mind spiraled into a cluster of bad thoughts and realizations of what I took, i realised that i took a full 8th and was going to be tripping for awhile. I wondered if i should have done that, if i should have taken less, my mind was filled with mixed emotions and bad thoughts that i continued to sit still and let my mind wander. However I kept telling myself "You chose to do this, enjoy it, make it worth it, you chose this" but that didnt seem to work. I was just too high, and honestly i didnt like it at that point, i was so gone that i couldn't mentally function and i just wanted to come back to reality. 

When a few friends asked if I wanted to go outside to smoke i decided I would and maybe things would get better. As i stood up the weight of the world seemed awkwardly heavy but light. I put my sweatshirt back on and to be honest it was probably one of the weirdest feelings I have ever felt in the fact that when I pulled it on it felt as if my body had twirled in different abstract directions but when i looked down i realized it was normal. I then proceeded down the hallway (Which was flattening out each step i took) and met everyone in the kitchen. there were about 6 of my friends all their asking how i was doing and they began to be abstractly placed in the corners of my eye untill i looked dirsectly at them. As we went outside there was still some snow on the ground and the cold air seemed refreshing as i looked into the sky and it seemed to be a hollowgram. We began to smoke a bowl anfd the marijuana chilled me out some more however the trip still took hold of everything around me. I was beginning to change at this point, from a paranoid mood to a calm euphoric state. It felt however that I had fully left my reality and was in my personal dimension where thoughts in my head began to become wise, i began to think about topics of life, religion, meaning, love etc.

As the hours went on my hallucinations faded but the thoughts were stonger than ever. We all chilled on a couch in the living room and began to watch a documentary named "Zeitgeihst" which explored many controversal topics.  While visuals of everything were still bright and soothing even, i continued to think about life. This final hour of my trip was by far the most peaceful and one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I cant describe the feelings in words, but what i can say is that this final hour was spiritual, loving, thoughtful and peaceful. While i dont beleive in any god I came to realizations about life and power and energy in the universe, and was just happy to be with my friends. It was by far one of the most fantastic hours in my entire life.

The shrooms eventually wore off and i continued chilling with everyone, but if you are looking or want advice wether or not you should take magic mushrooms, i highly recommend them. They are not only fun, but to me can be described as spiritually life changing. Just do some research and plan it out and I promise you will have an unforgettable experience.

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