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A 3 day trp to somewhere.

3 day Surmontil trip

It was around 4 pm on a sunday. My dad had just left and i was left behind at home alone. I had four little blue and orange capsules. I took these surmontil pills from my dads medicine cabinet. Little did i know what these little fuckers would do. 

 Right when he left i took the pills. i went to a friends house. I hung out there for a little bit and about 30 mins later i started getting a chronic head ache. It lasted for 5 - 10 mins than everything started bending very slightly. My dad finally came back from town (dont remember when he did get back) and came over to my friends house to get me. My friends house was only across the street so my dad and i walked back home. I started to feel energetic and my mind was split in two. When we got home i stayed in my basement (because my room was down there) and my dad went to the top floor to hangout. Than the beginning of the trip started.


 So im hanging out in the basement and i feel so happy and energetic. I feel like my mind was split in two and i was completely seperated from my body. I kept waving my arms around in a circle and sometimes my hips would move in a circle too. I dont know why and i couldnt control it. I kept walking around too. i couldnt stop walking. I went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. My pupils were as big as olives. I stared at myself in the eye for about 5 minutes and than the mirror started really bending. I started walking around some more and everything was "pulsing". The walls were bending in than out. The floor was curving around. I also started talking to myself too. I was whispering to myself, telling myself about what was going on. I would say something and than my "other side of me" would respond. It was so weird. Every time i asked myself a question i would always respond something like "If you dont know than i dont know because we are one and we are seperate" or something similar to that. I would always tell myself to look at the body and watch it walk around. I also started talking to objects. I remember going on about how everything is weird and my body is so weird to a lamp. Everything seemed nice to me and i loved talking to everything.

 Now it was like 5 in the morning and i was still trippen. I know i couldnt go to school like this so i woke up my dad and told him i puked and i couldnt go. He agreed and told me to go back to bed (it was dark and he was half asleep so luckily he didnt notice my arm movements). I was laying in bed and i notice my heart rate dropped. It started beating really slowly and i couldnt get up to walk with out almost passing out. I stayed in bed and started freaking out. I heard something moving accross the floor and looked over (its now around 6:30 am) . It was some demon looking monkey thing. It ran towards me than disappeared. I thought it came to take my life away. I didnt see it again. I stared at the window for a while and it changed colors from greenish to orangish. Than i saw a doll of an old lady laying on my table. it turned its head torward me and waved. i waved back. I closed my eyes and saw all different kinds of colors. My heart started talking to me. I couldnt understand it because all i heard were beats but i felt like it was trying to communicate with me. I named it frankie and talked to it for a while. I kept telling it to die and put its self in a jar.

as time went by so did the hallucinations. Night came and i didnt sleep again. I closed my eyes to try to sleep but all i got was weird visuals. To be honest i dont know if i was asleep or not but i was completely gone. I felt like there were different portals in my rooms and that strange monsters were there. I saw a road and a gas station there and there was a scientist. He took my liver from me and i didnt really care. I remember one time i saw Bob Marley and he made me a carpet with different colors.

The next day came and i saw the old lady doll again. she was holding the stick and waving it around. Than another doll appeared on the table and they were fighting with the sticks. I didnt think much of it. Everything that was happening felt normal nd that i wasnt even tripping. After two days without peeing i had to go baaaaaad. I got up and (because of my slow heart rate) was barely able to walk. I saw a stick in the corner (later found out it was just a shadow in the corner :P) and it hovered towards me. I started ccrawing away and it moved faster and ws chasing me. i throw a shirt at it and the middle part disappeared. when the stick got near me it vanished.

by wednesday everything was going back to normal. i was super hungry and i notice that my skin was yellowish green (it was strange but i assume it was one of the side effects) I have never touched surmontil again but wouldnt mind doing it one last time ;). I am now starting to grow shrooms. I have four syringes comming in and im sooooo excited! hoped you enjoyed

Originally written and posted By sporkinator (me) Adin and trip experience was by Adin(me) too.

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