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Forced to spend peak of trip with parents on 4 tabs of LSD (Long, Detailed, Crazy)

This was just insane.

This is a report of a trip I took where I was forced to spend from hour 2-5 with my parents on 4 tabs of LSD.. I had taken LSD twice prior to this experience.  First with one tab, the second with two, this time I took 4 and was in for something.  I wrote this quite stoned, my preferable state of mind.  This is 5 pages single spaced in MS word, with 3,200 words, but is definitely worth the read.  I hope you enjoy my writing!


My night looked promising at 4:00 PM as I headed out the door, towards my car in order to leave for the night.  I told my parents that I was going to sleep at one of my good friend’s house.   I had no actual intention to go to his house.  Instead, I planned to go out, purchase LSD and find a place to trip for the night. Boy, was I unaware of the complete whirlwind of disaster that lay ahead. 

I knew a girl, lets call her A that I had an off and on relationship where we would hangout at her other friend S’ house about 3-4 times a year and just smoke weed and fuck.  It was pretty cool because I didn’t even talk to her outside of hanging out, but when we did it was always chill and we got along great, but my parents disapproved of her.  They know does drugs; therefore, they don’t allow me to hangout with her, so I have to do it in secret.  May I add, she is quite pretty.  I made plans to hangout with her that night as she had dosed 3 tabs at 3:30 and I wanted to trip with her.  

I call up my friend as I leave my driveway asking if he could sell me some acid, which I knew he could.  Acid was not prevalent in the area until now, it was usually only available every 2 weeks and you had to get it at that exact moment or it’d be gone.  Now that my friends found a reliable source, they are supplying the school.  I walk into his house and find my 3 friends are there.  I was originally going to purchase 3 tabs of medium-medium high quality tabs for $30, but I was able to get 4 for $35 because my friends are nice.   I also got 3 extra tabs fronted for A, S, and another person I never learned the name of. We chilled there for 45 minutes until we decided to go to another friend’s who had a bong.  We drove there in J’s car, leaving my car behind and when we arrived at 6:25 I ate all 4 tabs at once, here we go….!We ripped bong for 30 minutes and then I said we needed to head back to my car before I start tripping as it was only my third time and I had never driven tripping.  We get back to my car around 7 and I make my way to A’s house, the girl I was talking about previously.  So I arrive at S’ house and I greet her mom and then I proceed into S’ room and see A and another girl I don’t know(lets call her V) are sitting on the bed.  “Guess what I got?  Tabs!” I exclaim in delight as I pull out tinfoil with 3 white blotter tabs, originally containing 7, the rest happily setting in my stomach being sent up to my brain as I spoke.  They quickly eat them up, re-dosing around peak of their trip(they had 3 tabs at 3:30).  At this point I begin to feel Lucy’s presence within my body.  The electricity that courses through your limbs that connects with that anxious, fluttery feeling in your stomach.  That is what I would describe the body high attributed to acid.  A slight shift in perception began, colors seemed warmer, maybe a bit more soft, but still vivid if that makes sense?  More like a soft vignette surrounding vividness.

Despite my protest the three force me to go on a walk outside.  I really was just enjoying the warmth of the room, with trippy posters covering the wall.  We begin our walk and at this point I am starting to get into my trip as it had been an hour since I dosed.  She lives in a long row of townhomes and all of the repeated lights going down in a row created many tracers at once.  Slight swirls of colors encompass my peripheral vision of the night sky.  Oh the night sky, the wondrous universe, so amazing, so vast, something to be cherished and made so important while tripping on acid.  We marvel at it as we walk, the stars slightly moving against the darkness of the night.  We continue down the sidewalk in front of the row homes.  With slight paranoia I tell the girls I’m with to be quiet as we walk by a lady unloading bags from her car, but they reply “you don’t know how many times we’ve walked by these people out of our minds and giggling.” 

As we continue our walk we finally agree on a destination, a small park.  A and I slowly straggle behind as S and V, at one point falling 30m behind.  They finally stop and wait for us saying and we arrive at a small park with a swing set with two swings and a bench.  Well at least that’s all I remember seeing.  A and I immediately hop on the swing and are overcome by a wondrous feeling of stimulation.  A at one point exclaiming, “It’s like an orgasm in my mind!” as we swing back and forth in the darkness.  Warmth flooded my body as I flew through the crisp, surprisingly not cold winter air considering it was January.  The wooden fence, the bushes, and then the house with trees behind it all formed a separate layer that seemed 2d, but were set at different depths, like those picture books that have cardboard cutouts that popup and are set at different heights from the page.  A perception change I slightly experienced when I first started smoking cannabis.  At this point we felt the need to share the joy of the swings, so we get off and allow S and V to go on them, immediately regretting this decision as it was so amazing!

T+ 1.5h

We proceed to sit on the bench.  I slouch down so my butt is at the very edge of the bench laying flat at 45 degree angle instead of sitting upright, allowing me to look up.  This is the most profound experience of my trip as I gaze at the stars, the sky seemed to be warping like it was a sheet rippling in the breezes, waves of energy coursing through it.  A tree above us added a great sense of perspective with all of the branches ranging from 15ft to 70+ft above us.  I was floating through thought engulfed in a feeling of true bliss.  Everything was perfect, magical, I felt at ease with everything and then…

Disaster struck two hours into the trip.  I feel a vibrate in my right pocket, and then another.  A phonecall.  I pull out my iPhone and see the caller ID reading “Mommy”  Okay, just stay calm I convince myself.  I say “Hey mom whatsup?” and she replies with “How’s D’s house?”  I say that it’s good and that we’re playing video games.  This is when it gets bad, she says “Huh, that’s weird, your cars not at his house…”  Regrettably I admit to wanting to stay out with this girl and that I knew they wouldn’t allow me to, so I had to lie to them.  They knew that she takes drugs because my mom read my texts once as she reveals later in the story.  They immediately demand me to tell them where I am and they said they assumed I wasn’t able to drive.  I hang up the phone and immediately start freaking out, thinking about how am I going to be around my parents while in the peak of the strongest trip I’ve experienced.  I mutter “everything is falling to pieces” as I watch the darkness behind A dissolve downward like the matrix code type effect, something that would be amazing in any other circumstance.  We immediately head back to S’ house a 5-10 min walk.  Throughout this walk I am talking to A about how I’m going to go about this.  I rationalized that they had no idea I took acid and as long as that idea isn’t introduced to them, they wouldn’t suspect it.  I concluded my best bet was to act stoned and upset, at that point not caring any bit if my parents knew I was smoking weed.  Another bonus is my parents think your pupils dilate while high which is untrue. 

So we arrive at S’ pretty much just as my mom calls me asking how to get there, I had no fucking clue!  I finally see the distinct headlights of my dad’s Camaro come down the street.  A states “this is it, good luck” as I nervously approach the car containing my mom and my dad.  My mother steps out of the passenger door and tells me to direct her to my car to my disappointment; I wanted to ride in the Camaro while tripping!  My mom and I walk down the road to get around the row of homes before we can access the parking lot behind them.  I was somewhat unsure if the turn was one or two rows of houses down saying “This is it… I think” and my mom was like “what? You think?  You drove yourself here!”  She starts talking to me about what I was thinking lying to them and I defend myself by saying that I just wanted to hang out with A overnight.

We make it to my car, she drives obviously and we begin the short ride home.  I love being in the car while tripping, the car feels like a cockpit in a spaceship as everything is blurring by outside the window, the interior in focus with the controls lit up on the dashboard.  She begins ranting about her disapproval of A and that she has read texts of her while she was tripping on shrooms and stuff.  I was like “oh thanks mom, you’re the best, going through my personal conversations and stuff.”  I honestly don’t remember much of the car ride, but when we get home I quickly proceed inside and sit at the kitchen table, but then went upstairs to my room to take off my coat.  My mom comes into my room and demands my phone, computer, wallet, all of my money, and checked my pockets. She found a small nug I had in my wallet I bought off my friend for $5 to smoke on the comedown.  I then go back downstairs and sat in the recliner adjacent to my dad sitting in the sofa next to me as my mom stood behind it.  Intricate patterns swirl amongst the shadows in the living room next to the TV room where we were seated.  The TV was off and I felt an odd sense of quiet.  What was going on?  One second I was drifting through my consciousness observing the beauty of the universe and the next I’m at home, it’s 8:45, 2 ½ hrs after eating my 4 tabs.  My parents begin lecturing me about smoking my life.  This went on for a good 30-45 minutes in which I grew increasingly higher.  They’re faces changing colors as I spoke to them, oh how I wish and don’t wish at the same time, what I was going through.  I was extremely anxious, trying to not draw attention to myself at the same time as the room was filled with fractals and swirling patterns. 

After our talk my parents suggest we watch a movie to my disapproval.  I wanted to go into my room, I just needed to be alone.  They made me stay and watch the movie with them.  They put in a movie that at the time I didn’t know what it was until it started.  We watched all of the previews which made me really anxious because I felt everything the characters in these previews were feeling.  My mood would shift from anxious to happy to sad.  I was also really confused as to why we were watching previews on a DVD, but I didn’t ask questions, again trying to fly under the radar.  Finally the movie menu comes up and I see it’s Horrible Bosses a film I had already seen with my mother, but a funny one none the less.  I’m not a fan of watching things or playing video games while tripping because you experience no visuals while focused on the screen, so the movie didn’t offer much to the trip, but it was funny and it was a new perspective to see it from.  I heard the sound of an ambulance sounding as if it was coming from a nearby road, but I am pretty positive it was an auditory hallucination.  I heard the same thing in my previous trip on 2 tabs the weekend before.  At one point I put my head under the blanket keeping my eyes open and my entire visual field was filled with bright green diamonds dancing about then warping into multicolored rectangles w/ rounded edge that had tails that drifted around.  Almost like trippy sperm, but less oval-like, but still round.  If you’ve ever tripped you’d know it’s impossible describe visions seen in the dark or with your eyes closed, but I find it hard to keep my eyes closed while on acid.  It feels as if they are fluttering and just want to be opened.  I then experienced a vortex-like tunnel mainly a ghostly white with some vivid color mixed throughout.

Then I had to pee, I forgot to mention my Mom wanted to drug test me, in which they already had a 6-panel test purchased because they are close-minded.  I had been debating peeing or not because I knew I would have to take the test if I got up to pee, but concluded that if I waited ‘til after the movie they would still see that I wasn’t sober yet and would realize it wasn’t just weed.  So I uncomfortably wait for my dad to get the cup ready, I really had to go at this point!  My mom wanted my dad to watch me take it, but I said “fuck no, what am I gonna slip fake piss in that I stored especially for this moment because I knew it was going to happen” and shut the door.  I fill it up, and it to my dad and take a few second to compose myself before going back to watching the movie because at this point it was 10:15, nearly 4 hours into my trip, the peak.

The fractals continued to swirl about the room as the movie ended.  My plan was to quickly grab my cat that was chilling in dog crate because he doesn’t get along with my other cats, but we want to have him near them to acclimate them.  So yeah, I grabbed Frank and took him to my room and the instant I got in there, the first time I was alone with the ability to relax and think about what was happening.  I was still somewhat anxious though.  My parents had my phone and I had no clue where it was.  It had texts to my friends about purchasing the tabs and I couldn’t let all of my work go to waste by allowing my parents to read them.  Luckily I had a password, but my mom mentioned making me take her phone and having her use my iPhone as a punishment, so I still needed to delete them.  I was also afraid of having friends that knew I was tripping checking up on how it was going.  Not well.

My parents had taken everything from me, so I had no music to listen to as I lay in the dark.  The fractals still swarming my visual field while I looked out my window at the tree in my yard, a beautiful, massive tree with very intricately structured branches.  Off these branches were fractal branches growing off of them (just more branches branching off the existing branches), swaying in the breeze.  My vision was flickering from place to place like if you took what I was seeing and overlapped it with a quick fade over what I was already seeing, but slightly moved.  So everything would jump around but with a quick (0.5s) fade to the flicker.  I then lay in the dark, in total still plotting how I was going to delete my messages.  I finally decided to set my alarm for 6:30am to wake me up as I was able to fall asleep at 1:30, surprisingly early seeing that I dosed 7 hours previous.  I was going to look for my phone, thinking it was either on the kitchen table or my parent’s room.  I crept out of my room silently and peered in my parent’s room.  BINGO!  I saw it sitting on the nightstand feet away from my mother’s face.  It is now 7 and the sun was peaking over the horizon, so the room was lit up.  I crawl on the floor ever so silently, like a lysergic ninja of the night in an unfamiliar and dangerous environment.  I slowly grab my phone and lay on the ground next to my mom and deleted EVERYTHING that would suggest I took acid.  I then sent a text to my friends saying what happened and that my parents ad my phone and to not reply, in which one idiot replied ‘K’.  So then, I crawled out of their room, a feeling of extreme pleasure and success.  Basking in the afterglow, it being 12 hrs since I ingested our dearest Lucy, I drifted off back to sleep relieved that the previous night’s tensions had ceased.

The next day I woke up and watched TV with my parents, only a quick mention of the night before was made, phew!  It was intense and I bet something a lot of you haven’t experienced.  It was only my third time tripping on acid or any substance besides DXM which I don’t enjoy.  I hope you enjoyed it, I wish I explained my experience better, but this occurred almost 2 weeks ago and I smoked 3 bowls before smoking this so…. 

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