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2nd time tripping LSD

(5 hits and a lot of weed)

Everything promised to be a pretty normal day until i made quite the amount of cash off selling some of my old trinkets, I had made a few hundred and decided it kick the day off with an awesome trip. me and my friend bought 5 hits of acid each and, met up with another friend of mine who would drive us around and essentially look after us. In the end there were four people including me. We decided it would be cool to hang around the pearl street mall, and on the way there i took all the 5 hits at once. I don't remember exactly how long it took, but i remember feeling the initial effects maybe about 10 minutes before we parked. I was strangely focused on everything around me. I was looking at cars and buildings pass by and thinking very insightful things about them, and how humanity has progressed though the centuries. We parked at the bottom floor of a parking garage and noticed that the walls were a little...different... parts of the wall and pipes and whatnot that stuck out seemed more 3D than they actually were. When we parked my friend pulled out his bong and loaded up. We collectively smoked maybe 4 or 5 bowls in that parking space (being completely deserted and alone). When we finished up i got out of the car very excited to be out in the open instead of the cooped up vehicle and started to walk around and notice these strange transparent lines moving around everywhere. And i could feel the short term memory. I felt very adventurous and encouraged everyone to hurry up so we could walk around. When we started walking i felt a completely different mind set than normal, and started skipping around like a child. Eventually we made it to the toy shop, and i could feel it coming on very hard. I looked through kaleidoscopes and played with various things to much of my amusement. My trip sitter beckoned me to the back room where all the black lights were. Inside where pictures that would glow in that light and many plasma balls and thing of the sort. There were three on the wall, my interest was directed at the bottom most one that turned different colors and moved around like jello, i was absolutely amazed by it! My sitter explained to me then that it was actually broken, and i was just tripping crazily. This knowledge that i had then learned encouraged me to look around the store more. And then i was suddenly lost (keep in mind this store is essentially a completely linear hallway with tables no higher than my chest), i started to freak out a little because i couldnt find my sitter. I found one of my friend messing with some toys and went over to her to tell her that  i couldnt keep it together in here, but everytime i tried to talk i could only speak very quietly, afraid that other people might hear and find out i was tripping. So i found my way outside after nervously bumping into a few people, and walked a little, my gaze fell upon a staircase lit by a single light. shadows danced all over the stairway and strange cracks seems to run along the walls. without helping myself i yelled "whoaaaaa dude!!!!" and a few passerbyers gave me strange looks. My friends came out of the shop and i met up with them, telling them what i was seeing. My sitter was amazed having never done acid himself, and told me to just follow him and tell him. We eventually came upon a drummer performing in front of an old courthouse and my friend went to go hit on him because she thought he was cute, so i stood there awkwardly watching rainbows line all the walls, and thousands of transparent lines run in infinite directions. The ground and walls were moving and breathing with me and everything looked warped and crooked. I went to go sit down on a bench in the front of the courthouse, i felt as if there were people all around me watching me and staring at me. I tried to act as normal as i could looking at my phone and putting my headphones in and out but never actually turning on the music. I was absolutely certain there was a man right behind me glancing over my shoulder. I muscled up the courage and chanced a glance at my surroundings. There turned out to be no body around me at all and convinced myself i was hearing conversations from the next street over. After that reassurance i noticed that my friends were gone and i started to panic a tiny bit. I pulled out my phone and rang a few times. My sitter answered and told me they were at a crepe restaurant down the street and thought i was following them the way there. I tried to follow the lines that i was seeing and made it to the pedestrian crossing. Instinctively i stopped before the road, but then realized that no cars were driving by, i thought i just messed up again in front of everyone and started feeling very nervous and anxious. My sitter found me and i followed him to the restaurant. When i walked in i was greeted by their waitress, i was so shaky all i manged was a "hey" and sat down awkwardly next to the window. The waitress then asked what we would like to drink, i quietly uttered "water is fine.." trying to avoid eye contact. I tried looking everywhere but at the waitress. I could see the kitchen but the walls were moving so violently I looked away and out the window and saw the sidewalk getting bigger and bigger until it was leveling the window. Upon closing my eyes, patterns and rainbows exploded across my vision. My sitter saw me in the state of disarray that i was in and said "hey man, we should go outside and have a cigarette." i agreed and managed my way out the door after a little stumbling. We got outside and he said i looked like i was loosing my shit, we made small talk that i cant really remember and i chain smoked 3 cigarettes in a row. I then tried to chew some gum to get the tobacco taste out of my mouth but i ended up spitting it out unable to concentrate enough to chew it. We walked around for what seemed like an eternity, watching cracks and shadows dance in my sight, things melting and oozing, some lights were so bright i had to look away and then look back forgetting how bright they were. Eventually we went back to the car and drove to my sitters house. We smoked another 4 bowls on the way and felt myself in a completely different plane of existence, I sat in the back of the car with my other friend who also took the acid and she started to complain about her mouth hurting. It eventually became so bad that she started to have a bad trip, my sitter and other friend started to get annoyed with her constant whining and moping. So without knowing what to do, when we got to the house they left us in the car to sort things out, she started crying and wouldnt stop, she was telling me how much everyone must hate her now and that no one loves her. I put an arm around and tried to help her through it, while at the same time the interior of the car was melting away into purple rainbowy goop, The rear view mirror looked as if it was turning into a mushroom and dripping onto the center console. I could feel my sanity slipping through my fingers but i struggled to stay together. All aspects of time had been lost to me and i tried with all my power to help my friend through her trip, I was constantly forgetting what was happening in the car and why i was there. My friend at some point came to the window and beckoned me out. I stepped out of the car and looked at the night sky. I saw a massive cloud shaped into some kind of pyramid  split down the middle with a skull looking thing at the top. I ignored it and went to my friend to whome i explained everything should be okay. He looked at me funny and said okay, and my friend stepped out of the car came over, she said she was feeling better and that it must be her wisdom teeth wounds. I felt a wave of relief at this, until my mom called my phone. hesitantly i answered hoping i could handle talking to her, but it went okay and i just had to be home by 11. the whole thing was a crazy yet awesome experience and i definitely cannot wait to do it again :)

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