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15g fresh b+, first time

Well, i finally took the plunge and ate 15g of some b+ fresh at 8:15pm.

Well, i finally took the plunge and ate 15g of some b+ fresh at 8:15pm. The taste was pretty easy to deal with, if you like mushrooms. Fortunately for me, i do =) tastes exactly the same as the mushrooms you're used to, but without the seasoning or butter you would normally put on them. You just kinda think they will taste nasty cause of how they look and what they grow from.

Anyways, there was a slight queesy feeling and a bit of anxiousness in my mind. That subsided quickly though. I knew it would take about an hour to start up. at 9:15, i went outside and hit the ol gravity. At first, i was just getting high, or so i thought. A few minutes later, it came over me. It was great! I was grinning like a retard and my mind started running a million miles per hour. Things started kinda dimpling then bubbling then waving finally. I remember walking down the hallway to go back to my friend's room. It was really cool walking down the hallways, the light coming from each doorway had its own fantastic shade of light. I went in, closed the door except for a little crack, turned off the lights, and laid down on a bed and turned on some streaming euro trance. It was incredible after that. The music basically controlled my brain. My inner mind would drop and elevate with the bass of the beat, my temples pulsed with the treble, and my eyes "tapped" along with the music.

Three dimensional visions appeared in my mind. The nice thing was, I was in complete control and able to change the pictures at will, but that's not to say some pretty weird stuff didn't still show up. When i didn't feel like trying to think about things, the music would just determine the picture. Let me tell you, i'm not even a fan of trance or most club music, but now i see why all these drugged up ravers listen to it =)

Decided to go on a walk around a school. It was at night and it kind of made me tense. The school looked kinda crappy in the dark and just not a friendly place to be, but i was with my friend blabbering away about what i was feeling, and still grinning like an idiot. My pants felt pretty good on my legs as i walked. After a while we went back in and i started playing some computer. i had to turn off the music cause it was like battle music and made me a little tense.

After that, i felt pretty exhausted and tired and i kept yawning a lot (i hear it does that to you). It was about 4 am and still feeling it pretty well, but not having visuals at all anymore, so i tried to lay down and relax again. The music still sounded nice and clear, but didnt have the profound effect that it did on me earlier. It was basically impossible to go to sleep. All i could do is think about the experience and how crazy it was. Finally fell asleep though and got 1 hour of sleep.

At school the next day i noticed everything was pretty boring compared to my lil adventure. The teacher was lecturing on while i was daydreaming and drawing some of the weirdo stuff i saw. all in all a great experience. best part is that for the next few days, when i smoked weed, i could feel the lil eye tap thing again when i listen to music.

i hope to do it again, but only in moderation. probably not have one stronger than that, either. that was fun enough.

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