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1st magic mushroom trip..wow

blew my mind

The first time I had been presented with the idea of doing shrooms, I was actually against it. A week later, I was trying it out of nowhere...and I can't tell you how happy I am that I did it.

Before I tripped my mindset was that of criticizing people for their decisions, and analyzing things way too in depth.. I was a bit of a bitchy perfectionist when it came to standards with people..and now after the trip, I have no idea what any of that means. I have completely lost judgement on people and people's choices! Again...can't tell you how happy I am that I have undergone such a dramatic, and fulfilling mindset change)

So to start the adventure, of the WEEK of when I did shrooms, my sister, and our friend had planned to do it on a specific Monday, our chance was lost because of a really super random hurricane and my sisters house ended up flooding, we were stranded there for the night at her neighbors house, and had 3 days to deal with the belongings, all the roomies over night sleeping quarters...and my car..was completely gone so I was rideless..After all the though, one day my sister asked me to help her go get her car out of the shop, since the flood affected her as well. It had been such a long, strenuous, upsetting week because of the flood but as soon as she picks me up, she announces to me that we were going to the friends house tonight, to trip on shrooms the next day...I felt no where prepared but I was psyched...I WAS GOING TO DO IT! The long week had me thinking about how I would actually do it.

That night we were at the friends house, who had tons of land around her, and a park nearby, so the environment was amazing. The next morning we each took 2 and 1/3 of the concentrated mushroom chocolate (it was blue) by making smores, and putting them inside of it after those were heated, and we munched down...couldn't taste anything, it was great!

Once we took them we hit the road to the park bring; a huge comforter, water colors, paint, pens, markers, crayons, and lots of paper. I was smart and brought tons of water, gloves, hats, extra blanket, and pillow. 

We stopped by the gas station cause none of us had a lighter, and we were really excited!

We found a really luscious spot of clovers to lay our blanket on. Right next to a park, and great tree/walking trails near by! We established our spot around 12:30, and immediately got all of our art stuff out.

We smoked a little bit of mary j to get our trip going...and it totally got it rolling.

None of us had any negative feelings going into it, and we weren't nervous at all, we didn't even talk about what it might be like...we just let it happen and take us over!

The first thing I noticed about the environment that made me realize I was definitely tripping was after we smoked, we all laid back and looked at the sky, and it was as if there was shower glass in front of it, where it looked kind of dimply, and it seemed to be shifting back and forth. We all said "Are you seeing what I'm seeing" Haha it was great!!!

WOAH-the water colors were seriously AMAZING-it's like the colors were strobe lighting.

Whenever I would look at the trees they seemed to be shining back and forth between a black and silver..

I played on the play ground uneven red circle wood posts in the ground, walking up and down on each, I felt like a little kid again!
I took the girls on little walk through the woods, although we felt so comfortable on our palette, we "felt" like getting up was a good idea. Our concentration seemed to be very sporadic, and I definitely noticed the short term memory loss in effect. 

While we were on our little adventure, we went down by the river, and realized it was really mushy to walk on and so we went back up....something really funny that my sister did was this: She found a way up from the ravine and said "aight, if you guys wanna get our narnia, you gotta come up here with all the grown folks!"( with a black girl attitude) We looked at her with helplessness, and then she added "No no I'm just kidding, here, let me help!" It was HILARIOUS!! haha

After getting back up, I heard my name being called, and so I followed a trail over to a dying flower, and we had a really beautiful moment. I realized in that moment that this part of forestry that we were surrounded in was the metaphor for our souls, some were green, and some were dying, and we all have the responsibility to keep them alive.

Our friend said "Whats our plan now guys?"
and I said "Our plan is our every moment"

She thought it was beautiful, and I thought  "woah, I'm becoming a zen genius on shrooms! hahaha"

Every moment was absolutely amazing and beautiful, and good. The only time I sensed something negative was when our friend pulled out her cell phone to call our babysitter who was bringing us food!!!

We decided to hear the time...even though we didn't care, because we were feeling sooo great it didn't matter, but 4 hours had gone by and it was mind blowing to hear.

Every hour at the park we created a combined efforts piece of art, and then would roam around our little spot on the play ground, as if we were children again, pretending to make campfires, and pretending that we were teaching the other kids how to make it.

This world is mystical.

It started getting dark, and the sun was so beautiful beyond the trees. We all decided it was a good idea to pack up and go sit in the car with the heater on until our babysitter got there to feed us.

She arrived about 30 min later? She had vegetable soup! We scarfed it down like we hadn't eaten all day....cause we kind of didn't. That's the one thing I would change about our trip to the park, was the amount of food we brought. But after we ate, the babysitter led us in her bright yellow mustang down the road aka beacon of light from heaven! Because I don't know how we would have made it without wanting to stop and look at everything because everything was so magical looking. I was definitely distracted with the urban city scenery.

We got home, and JUMPED IN THE HOT TUB!!! woahhhh, it had changing color lights in it, oh what fun oh what fun!!!

Then we decided that it was time to eat! So our friend made us a raw meal. Spinach/spring mix salad, with slices of avocado, tomatoes, and pineapple. TALK ABOUT HEAVENLY!!!

Then her mom came home with Jennie's Noodle House, oh GAWD-another heavenly feast from the Gods sent to us!!! We watched Under the Tuscan Sun, made some more art, smoked a  ittle more, then went to bed.

The next day we were all pretty quiet, reminiscing about each of our personal experience on the trip. 

I took away from it that I need to always be myself, and that everyone is beautiful, and I have to appreciate all the good things in life, even the teeniest tiniest things such as some thread coming out of my shirt, because it's all right, and it's all right here, for us, to see, and acknowledge.

I plan on doing another heavier dosage of shrooms in the summer at Big Bend National Park with all my good friends :D

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