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My first spiritual understanding

Shrooms can be profound, and mentally life threatening..

So to begin this all happened around 3 months ago, I'm young and in High School with slightly higher intelligence then most of my peers. (Not that im trying to brag, im not a genius, but the idiots in my school are far from being smart according to the many fails I see on easy classes I hardly try in) I had been into taking psychedelics for around 8 months now with my most provocative experience to be my first eighth. I get my shrooms off a friend of mine name D, he had the beauty's I had been eagerly searching everywhere to find, literally months. Being from southern California its not the easiest place to score some mushies for a cheap price. But he willingly game me some nice caps and stems with a lot of powder, for 30 bucks. I quickly rush home to weigh them.

As soon as I get home my friend M had been waiting there while I set off to get the shooms, he was going to be my sober sitter since you can't be yourself when it comes to mushrooms. I weigh them with glee and delight as I find he even gave me .2 over. Thinking of M I offered him a little; but he knew for the full effects you need to take at least a gram or more. I quickly threw the entire bag in my mouth washing most of the aftergrinded bits with OJ.

The Onset: I was alone at my house, it was supposed to be parent free all day, soon I found out I was wrong. The energy flowing through my body began to make me feel on edge. M tells me to sit back while he went to my computer and went on youtube to put on the best song/video for the moment. POWER by Kanye West.( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L53gjP-TtGE ) The video itself is pretty intense visually but nothing was as mind blowing as seeing this on shrooms. I never seen such detail in a video before, It was almost as if time slowed allowing me to view every visual piece of this video completely. Anyways, after that I wanted to try for 3d visuals. I closed my eyes and within 10 seconds I began to see what seem to be calming bloodflowing red patterns, which morphed into what seemed to be a blueish swordlike diamond figure that slashed through black swirling hole structures until I blasted out "I UNDERSTAND"  referring to 3d visuals, but at the time it was almost enlightening which ended up being the funnest part of the trip.  I knew since this was only about an hour in this was going to be intense. But then a loud slam appears in the living room, quickly followed by my aunt rushing by me to force me out of the bathroom just as I was checking my eyes for dilation, It was day time though and I figured they weren't too bad yet but that didn't matter, I FREAK OUT. I needed to get out of my house before I got consumed by the trip. But before I have a chance to leave, I had to say bye. While this wasn't the best idea, she didn't seem to notice anything wrong with me yet. She then offers me a joint and I have to say yes. (Who refuses a joint, it would have seemed suspicious in my household..) We commence going outside and I sat down feeling the mushrooms more then ever, the nausea had already been setting in so I tried my best to get my mind off of it. As I was beginning to look at my backyard, everything was beginning to change, it was beautiful, the leaves were glistening while there were rainbows reflecting off my glass table. I stare at M with the joint in my hand and begin to notice the pores on his face seep in and turn shiny/plastic like. I whispered, "Alright, time to go."  My aunt gave me a weird look and asked where I was going. I just explained that we we're on our way to a party and I'd pick her up anything if she needed it." She quickly jumped up that offer and handed me 6 ones, asking for M&Ms and Doritos. I panic, rush out my house and begin to take what seemed to be like my first steps into the world.

The Adventure: Glaring at my clammy hands with the 6 dollars in them, I already began to question why this was all happening to me. I get mad, beyond mad. Crumple up the dollar bills and begin bouncing down the street. I spat our in anger, "Why did she have to come! This was supposed to be perfect!" I was stressed to the point of nervous breakdown. I had never gotten to mad over such a thing. M calms me down just by being in my presence. But he's staring at me as we're walking. He says that he has never seen me look so out of it. And that I wasn't talking, just looking paranoid with a scared look on my face.  I knew exactly what he meant, I had been completely lost in my thoughts as we we're walking down my main street. I finally snapped back into it about 200 feet away from a light. (Depth perception is fucked) I begin feeling hot. Dripping sweat; I was feeling the most sick I had ever felt, nothing was right. I'd look at my arms, suddenly they'd be purple, I didn't process that well. I begin to swerve looking up at the sky and got an intense feeling in my stomach.  Purple Diamonds begin to block my vision completely, morphing into what seemed to be kaleidoscope vision.  I swerved around the sidewalk and upchucked a little in my mouth, swallowed and began to walk forward towards a streetlight. While approaching that I seen in front of me there was a mother with her daughter staring me down. I quickly had to find somewhere to throw up, a small ditch with a bunch of dead gravely flowers was the closest thing. Which later ended in hystaria walking home as I seen the stems and caps dried out lying in the dirt.

The End: M guided me across the street, as for the sidewalk it was doing a somewhat, swerving thing, I couldn't walk straight because I couldn't see straight is what I'm trying to say. Its as if my head was just looking left to right, while in actuality I was just staring at the ground. He took me to a school, it was summer and out of session. I sat down in a area we both had previous experience in so we knew it was safe. M was annoyed with me during the climax of the trip because I began to ask him questions that we're somewhat, boring to him, but insanely important to me. Its as if everything I said would come out again every 3 minutes or so. We went to the swings where I told him I had to go, saving him some anxiety on babysitting a guy on shrooms. After a long walk home to get the effects slightly worn off, I got back home and chilled to an amazing sleep.

Shrooms are great. And not something to do more then once every 6 months or so.

Life after these trips have changed me; hopefully for the better. Making me more of a caring and responsible person. Wish I could get them again.

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