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an acid trip unlike any other

insane acid trip

this is my first trip report so it might not be that good

so the other day me and my friend decided to drop some acid it was his 3rd time and my 6th time

so i was at school and i got 2 hits from another friend i planed on taking both but my friend bought a gram of some good bud so i gave him a hit to smoke some bud with me.
so we droped about 4 oklok i didnt expect much from 1 hit cus ive done acid mutible times and 1 hit never really did alot.

1st hour after i take it not much happening so me and my friend smoked alot of this good bud some of the best bud ever in my life

2nd hour some color changes and warping but still not much

3rd hour it hit me like a train we put on a movie but i kept falling asleep which is crazy cus i can never sleep wile on acid but i didnt eat and i was up the night before and i seen some the crazzyist things ive ever seen i saw these god like fiquers made out of colors changing and evolving i can explain it fullly.

about hour 5 after the movie ended i got up to put on some cartoons as i was standing i clossed my eyes and saw a grapgh of my brain made out of neon blue colors and i saw every function proccesing in it then the grapgh got bigger and i saw my whole body made up of these colors then it morphed into a dead mouse kind of person it was insane

hour 6 this is the most insane thing that ever happend to me wile on acid i was sitting in my friends room he wasin the other room wathing tv i looked at this painting of the joker that he made and then it looked at was and smiled i thought it was cool at first but then the whole room turned red and he started looking made then the room start craking and morhping and this joker was going to hurt me i knew he was i could see it in his eyes i couldnt move talk or thing i lost all connection with the world but then i screamed no i wont let this happend and ran out the room to my friend it was about 10 oklok at that time and here is were it gets crazy it was 6 hours after i took the acid and i layed down and fell asleep first time ever wile tripping i sleept for 12 hours and nothing happed i didnt dream or think everything just stoped i never had an experiance like this wile tripping before i dont know what else to say this happend last night so im still not for sure about what the happed but theres the story

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