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First time- 1/8th

Felt like a new born baby

Alright, I'm relatively new to this sight and I've been sorta wanting to share my trip with some fellow trippers. So about 2 weeks ago me and 5 of my closest friends decided to eat some mushies for the first time. We've been talking it about it for quite some time now, since august i think,  and we all had this planned out. We were going to sleep over at my buddy's house, whose name shall be "J" for now, take them at about 10:30- 11 P.M. and trip for the whole night. Our original plan was to eat them, then watch the wizard of oz with Pink Floyd's dark side of the moon album playing over it, but no one had the wizard of oz on DVD. Anyways, The dealer came over and we each bought and 1/8th except for my friend "M" he took 2, maybe 2.5g. So we downed them with Orange Juice, and surprisingly, they weren't as bad as people said they were. We took them in his garage with J's dad in there (he's a stoner, and we smoke with him occasionally), and he was a bit drunk and stoned. After about 20-30min i started to feel some effects, I was giggling and things that surrounded me started to become a bit shaky. 

About 1-1.5 hours went by and i noticed that i was tripping hard, until i noticed my friend J laying on the floor in the fetal position, and it was just a little alarming, i asked him what was wrong and he said "I'm just really sleepy man" So i said "Here this will make you feel 10x better" handing him a freshly rolled blunt. So it did the job, he got back up on his feet and told me that he too was tripping hard. We smoked a lot that night too, we had a blunt, a joint, a nicely packed kief bowl, and some good ol' fashioned resin hits. For some reason i noticed that after we had stopped smoking i wanted more, i felt like i wanted to ascend to a whole different level of high, but couldn't achieve it. After awhile i got over the fact and it was about 2-2.5 hours past ingestion, this is when the trip reached its peak. My friend J was saying that he felt a bit uneasy, so he ran over to the garbage can and puked right next to me ( it wasn't really vomiting, he just kinda "spit up") after that he was extremely shaky, it looked like he had no more life left in him, then he collapsed onto the floor, not moving. This sorta freaked me out because it looked as though as if he were dead, then my other friend L said " It's probably food poisoning, he took too much for his first time" For some reason that really frightened me, this is when my trip began to turn on me. I foolishly said aloud that i was having a bad trip (which i was) but i didn't want to freak any of my friends out. I was told that i kept saying "It's too hot in here" While i was taking off my two hoodies and my shirt. Then i realized i was sweating profusely and it seemed as though my vision was fading, it felt like i was going blind. So i kicked back in this computer chair and calmed myself down, i take it back, THAT"S when the trip hit it's peak. J put on this song by Lotus called Umbilical Moonset.... This next part I'm going to try to explain my best. I opened my eyes and the room seemed like it was changing, every time i ceased conversation with someone i said "This room changed again... How?" and every time my attention was focused on the door it seemed as though the room was stretching towards the door, and it made the garage seem endless. Then my friend M suggested we go outside to have a deep conversation, and to also smoke a cigarette. On that night the moon had this peculiar ring around it composed of ice and dust particles i'm guessing. So when we finally stepped outside the trees looked as if they were dancing and staring at us, like we didn't belong. After staring at the trees for about 10 min i glanced up at the moon, which was a bright fluorescent green that was surrounded by bright purple stars. It was awe inspiring, and that's when our conversation started. We talked about Space, and the planets, and how everything relates to one another. We talked about our perspectives on the universe and how it took its form. Then that's when my mind felt like a volcano waiting to erupt with theories and ideas. We went back inside, then my two friends L and C had to go drive L's brother to pick up some weed. I forgot to mention that L tripped once before this and said he wasn't feeling anything, and that he was alright to drive, on the other hand C was the one that was tripping the hardest out of all of us. 

So they left, and it was just me, M, K, and J. I recall yawning A LOT. Every time I yawned I felt as though i passed away and caught a brief glimspe of this dark room with two figures in it. Then when the yawn was over i felt as if i was a new person, like i was re-born. This is when Everything became wavy instead of shaky. I wanted to put this song on called when we escape by minus the bear (great band to trip to) and during the chorus the singer says " You must be an illusion, can i see through you?" that's when i cloesd my eyes and i was back in the dark room with the two unknown figures. I looked for a way out but it was just darkness for miles and miles. I had no choice but to confront these two mysterious shadows in hope of finding my way out. I crept up slowly, and i made out one figure who i believed to be my great grandfather, but he was oddly clothed, like someone in the 1700's. I tried to speak, but decided not to because i thought i was going to intervene in whatever they were doing. Then the dark shadowy figure lifted his hand and pointed a finger at me, but it wasn't at me, it was towards a door which looked like the garage door that lead outside. So i was about to go through it when the song ended and i opened my eyes only to find my friends doing the same. My friend M said "Dude, we all just snapped out of something didn't we?" it was obvious that we had, but i felt like i had to keep what just happened to me, to myself. After that intense trip I remember holding a pellet gun in my hand for about 20 min or so. It felt like it was kinda heavy, then i finally put it all together. I thought that guns feel heavy because of the weight of guilt they bare. They take someone's life and then i thought their soul gets absorbed into the gun making it heavier with every kill. So i put it down, then realized my friends L and C are still gone. It felt like they were gone for years... Then they finally came back and by the look on L's face, i can tell that the shrooms hit him while he was driving. So now we had all 6 people tripping hard, then we all laid on the floor and looked up at the ceiling at J's green laser projector. It was at that time me and J got into some deep shit. We talked about the earth and how humans are pestering it, also how the earth and all other planets and galaxies just live and then die, not knowing what they are or what purpose they serve. As my friends were getting bored with the laser they got up and had to walk over me, as they walked over me i felt like they were stepping on me, but i didn't feel it, i felt like i was ethereal like everything was going through me without my acknowledgment. After about 30 min me and J got up and i felt like i lived a life, from birth 'till death. It confused me though because i realized that i didn't die i simply got up and walked away, making it feel like i had just left a dead body (Very hard to explain) Then i pulled up a stool and sat next to this poster of roger waters (Pink Floyd) but his face was very distorted in the poster and his mouth was wide open. ( look up roger waters poster 1970s on google images, it's something similar to the 2nd image) I wasn't talking to him but i felt like i had a connection with him in some telepathic way and that we were conversing through and extra sense perception (telepathy) then my friends called me over to the circle of chairs and talked for the rest of the trip. 

That's when things were calming down and the trip was obviously not that intense anymore. I told my friends that when your on shrooms it seems like you have too much on your mind and that it wants you to express what your feeling, but you can't because there's so much wonderful things going on around you that you get lost in it all. A world where you can escape and find the answers to questions you never thought would be answered. 

We went inside his house at around 6 A.M. and tried to fall asleep, but i kept tossing and turning and my arms felt numb, like they were flails. I don't remember falling asleep at all. When we woke up I found two videos on my phone, I found it really intriguing and entertaining as to how we think and what we talk about while trippin'. I am definitely doing shrooms again, possibly on February 18th. My friend M's golden birthday, i plan on taking around 4.5-5g next time to hopefully unlock that door and find out who the stranger in the dark room was. Well i'm glad i finally shared my entire trip (well, what I can remember) with someone. (Hopefully some of you read this far)

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