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tripping from K2

Im never smoking k2 again

At my high school, they let us leave the campus for lunch for about a half an hour.  This is when we all smoke and then come back to school fucking stoned.  This time I couldnt smoke real bud because I had a piss test 3 days later.  My friend that came with me couldnt find any real bud anyway so he bought some k2.  I dont know how much he paid or how much was in the container but it looked like ther was about 3/4 to a gram and it was called high quality diesel or some shit.  He packed a big bowl in my pipe and I took a huge hit, which was very harsh, but I held it for a long time.  The second I exhaled I felt more stoned than I have ever felt before.  I took 2 more hits and I was freaking out.  My heart was beating very fast and my eyes were very small and red.  I put eyedrops in and they still were red.  As we drove around I felt an extremely uncomfortable sensation that I cannot describe.  The closest that I can think of is if you can imagine your brain vibrating.  I went back to school and I was tripping hardcore.  People were asking if I was high and I was shaking.  It took me a very long time to open my locker.  I put more eyedrops in and went to Biology which is always trippy when your high because the teacher is a fucking nerd and he is incredibly funny.  I was trying to draw but I was shaking so I couldnt.  People kept looking at me and I was expecting to be asked about it either by the teacher or the principle.  My heart was beating very fast and I was quickly looking around the room.  I am usually very good at chilling out when I am stoned in class, but I could not hold myself together.  Finally the class was over and I wasnt too high anymore.  I will warn you, this is the worst experience of my life and I wouldnt wish it upon anybody.  Smoke real bud, not K2!

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