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Dissapointing Trip

Most uniteresting trip ever

This was my 8th trip, 7th on shroom cookies that my friend gets. Ive never seen them anywhere online but they have 5 grams of idk what in each cookie and they look professionally made. Ive had lots of fun on them before but my latest trip was very disappointing.

The cookies are $25 each so usually  i just buy 2 and trip with friends then trip alone later and its worked out pretty well. I had an insane trip last week after taking a massive hit from a waterfall and i passed out into oblivion.

So this past weekend i had a cookie and was gonna trip alone which i normally enjoy. I waited untill 11:00 pm when my parents were in bed like i usually do and ate my cookie, then went on my laptop and watched tv waiting for the trip to take place.

I got my swim trunks and a towel out in case i wanted to go in the hot tub. Soon i started seeing the text on my laptop moving around and i knew my trip was coming on. I just kept browsing the internet for a while and was enjoying myself but it wasnt anything special and i wanted to do something to really enjoy my trip.

I decided to get in my hot tub, put on some hollywood undead on the outdoor speakers, and got in. It was maybe 25 degrees out so the 20 ft walk was terrible. I lied back to watch the stars but the lights on my deck were bothering me, and theyre set on a timer so i couldnt turn them off.

About 15 minutes after getting in the hot tub i decided that wasnt doing anything for me so i got out, even though i usually love the hot tub while tripping. I went into my house and tried to figure out what to do next. I realized i had taken my cookie over an hour and a half ago and i still was barley tripping. All i had was some slight visuals and mental confusion.

I figured i might as well just go play skyrim for the rest of the night then go to bed. Unfortunately i couldnt focus on it and just got off. I then tried to watch dragon ball z but couldnt focus on that either. I ended up spending the rest of my trip just laying in bed.

Im not sure what happened but im pretty sure i just let my tolerance build up too much. Ive done one cookie (5 grams) every weekend for 4 weekends in a row and one weekend i did it twice. I decided to stop tripping until winter is over so i can go outside during my trips. I also decided not to trip alone anymore unless i have a good plan of something to do.

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