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The Trio of Laughter

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So the night started with a few cold ones and a game of poker with some friends/ family. My brother and my sisters's boyfriend (long time and adored friend) and another friend who departed after he took our money... or his "winnings"
Initially, the thaught of tripping wasn't really a consideration for me but somehow i must've of wanted too. Because as i packed another bowl i set the 7 plus grams of dried cubes on the 
table for all to investigate and oggle... My brother J and my sis's boyfriend M arn't advid psychonauts. My brother thinks i lost my marbles back in may 2011 (reference preying mantis of
 light trip report in level 5). But for some reason they decided to take a little taste... A bit of stem only as they were both convinced that caps held the majority of the psilocybin. So i let them go with that thaught... LOL. As they slowly munched piece by piece, quantitiy tracking was lost. But i know there wasn't enough there to do serious harm. This is about the time i ate a bit because i wanted to join them but i wasn't up for a breakthrough or anything like that. 
So another beer went down the hatch and the onset started to kick in... I was about 1/2 hour behind J and M and they were on the rise to to the first significant wave of cognitave alteration... this is when J was running around the house chasing what he described as a little fairy that he couldn't capture. The fairy entity was peeking around corners and kept out of direct contact. It Reminded me of a dog chasing a car.  He was in the full spectrum of tripping balls. M and I were laughing so hard it hurt... M and I were watching my brother just freak in the most hilarious fashion. He was observing himself in a mirror the same size of a door (actually it was the door). And from where i sat i couldn't see my reflection or Ms (sitting next to me) but i could see
 two images of my brother. And thats when i said to M "ohhhhh shit, i dont know what side of the mirror im on any more???" "Bahahaha" more histeria!! This nonsensse carried on for 
awhile... It was like being a little kid again. Everthing seemed so novel and epic. And absolutlely funny. 
J suggested going out in public and thankfully my reccomendation against it was successful. J wanted to meet a date at the local billards/ bar up the road. I told him that being out and 
about could land us in shit... At the very least, embarassed and unable to communicate properly with fellow human beings. So getting laid for J would have to wait. Besides, in my opinion, 
sex is best towards the end of a good trip.
Looking back at this and the rest of the night it brings a physiological question to mind. I ingested at a different/later time but some how our waves and peaks syncronized. I don't know if it was a placebo effect but there was something happening with the three of us. We were feeding off each other's energy and I swear there were moments of telepathy.
About an hour later we all ate more. I actually tried to eat a cap by throwing in the air like popcorn and catching it in my mouth. "Blaaaa" It landed in the gag reflex area and it instantly shot across the room...  We all busted a gut laughing at this. I'm talking sustained, air depriving laughter!!! As i went over to pick the cap off the floor J spilled eggnog on the coffe table and was seeing profound images as the liquid reacted with gravity... Then J fell onto the coffee table, his legs locked straight out, thinking it was a horse and he tried to ride it. (talk about some 
serious OEVs) LOL, M ran out of the house because it was to intense to handle. J also had a giant (1.5 ft tall) wooden nutcracker on the dinning room table that made him gag every time he looked at it. He mentioned that he could see tiny strings vibrating everywhere and as i transgressed the room he could see a wake of particles moving behind me like a boat in water at 
high speeds.  "String theory J... you are actually seeing it!!! I'm pretty sure J was at the threshold of a level 5. But he was too grounded and distracted to have an OBE. Things were turning 
chaotic and there was communication breakdown. Well, at least thats how i perceived the situation. 
Something in the environment had to be changed..I don't like to trip just to laugh. A great side effect none the less, but I do it for insight and spiritual enlightenment... And i usually trip 
alone... But don't get me wrong, i was having the time of my life!
As i am an experienced Psychonaut, and at that moment, the most qualified Shaman of our group i decided to take the lead and guide us to a different approach. It was time for some tripping music before the next dose kicked in...  Entheogenic was the first to be played that flowed into some soothing instramentals by Eluveitie. I already had a play list made because i 
know dexterity diminishes on higher doses of psilocybin. I suggested to J and M to lay back and close thier eyes. Just relax and let the imaginination take over... And so inward we ventured... 

Sometimes I find a group of people can have certain anxieties in the absence of conversation... It's like we must talk all the time. But sometimes, talking can be done away with. And this was one of those moments. We all knew that trying to describe to each other what we were experiencing is impossible. Unless of course you are an established alchemist...

The peak was creeping up and i closed my eyes and slowed by breathing. You know the term "think outside the box"? Well that's a good concept but you are still the box. I was leaving the box and i could see it from the outside. I was actually seeing thoughts come into existence as objects. They were being assembled by millions of tiny black triangles that felt infinatly dense.. Flat black triangles but super-positioned as three dimensional objects. I would guess they were fifth dimensional particles expressing sacred geometry. 

I realized at some point how easily i/ we as people can be influenced into paradigms. How easily the media can shape our view of the world via tv and the internet. I've always pursued multiple reality tunnels and i always criticize what i interpret as truth... This thought process all the while being constructed out of black triangles. And then disintegrating like dust in the wind. Things felt so archaic to me. I was surfing the cosmic wave and i could hear my brother and M laughing in concert with the cosmic gigle. Things were flowing nicely! There was wave after 
wave of epiphanies, good ideas and new concepts. I was able to see what influenced my perception of reality like a web of information and my consciousness was the event horizon. I love 
the feeling of pure experience with no biased associations and personal judgement. Its hard to do that day to day, let alone just being aware of it.     
During a pause between songs M described that he was having a mystical experience with a Greek mythology theme to it. He was in a landscape of ancient gods and the titans were converging in on themselves. LOL i could only imagine... And I did.
A few hours passed in this state of mind. Pure bliss, my friends...I could feel the the psilocybin wearing off and being replaced by normal seritonin at the nuero-transmitters. I felt good and fresh.  We watched Afro Samuri on the big screen and i smoked another bowl. It was 5 am and i knew i had to go home to sleep. J was out cold and M was preparing to leave home bound aswell. Thats just the way i do it. The hours drive home wasn't too bad, but i was a bit sleepy and not really sure how impaired i really was. The roads are deserted at that time so i could justify to myself that i wasn't putting anybody else's life at risk.
By 6 i was home safe and sound, had a bite to eat and made small talk with the wife. I played with my dog for a half hour and by 7ish i was sleeping comfortably....
Another one for the books.
Peace out... 

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