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2nd trip- best trip so far

best trip experianced

So it was the first day of winter break and I left school a little early to get my green on. I had about $30 in pocket and my buddy (who was on drug court.... We'll call him lil D) had sold some legal spices to make some extra money. Me and him threw down a total of $50 and 2 other friends pitched in. so we got a little over a quad. We were given about 6 grams plus, for some reason, my retarded friend gave Lil D an extra gram because he, for some reason, thought it belonged to him? Oh well. Moving on, by this time Im smoking some green and I asked my buddy who I will Call "J" for a sandwich to eat the shrooms with. They were dry as hell but i had the same kind the first time and so i knew i would trip. I was excited to take them and when J refused to give me and Lil D and food with it I munched them down. Lil D had never taken shrooms or any psychedlic but i assured him we'd be safe. But things got sketchy, first, J wanted us to leave and go to the billiards in town, it was a 5-10 minute walk but in MN its about 10 degrees and we were not expecting to be outside that night so we FROZE walking there. J, after playing a few games of pool, went to Walmart without us, leaving us behind and not allowing us inside the house. So me and lil D just sat in my car and had my friend Jonny meet us at the car. We sat there and chiefed some weed while lil D smoked his k2 shit. Suddenly I realized, im tripping balls. I couldnt believe i didnt notice but i was soo worried about J coming home or not that i didnt notice. I remember we were sitting there listening to some CD's when a cop rolled by the block ahead and Lil D, in a panic, opened my passenger door and dipped onto the other side of the house leaving my door wide open with me and jonny just staring and laughing, he eventually came back and chilled out. It felt like we were sitting there for 20 minutes, turned out to be a hour and a half later, J comes home with his bitches and shit and were all in FULL trip. right before we get inside, Lil D pukes on the sidewalk. It was gross, put the puke looked like a bright pink and to me it was TOO bright. I tried to explain to them but they thought i was talking nonsense. We went inside and i sat on his couch, next to lil D and just laughed and watched the walls change colors, breath etc. I remember family guy on AS was SOOO funny i thought I was going to die of laughter. Then at 3 AM J, being the asshole he is, kicks us out. Im 16 and have had my license for a month, so im sooo nervous to drive, even though it was basically a mile away. We took backroads to avoid any cars and it was a fucking trip. I remember laughing and screaming in semi-terror as the slippery roads felt like it was drifiting my car to the curb. We finally get to Lil D's house and sit in his room, watch Ridiculousness, and end up passing out. Best Christmas Eve EVER.

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