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First Stage 5 Acid Trip.

Greatest night of my life.

Here's my story, copied and pasted from Reddit.

First some backstory. I've tripped on mushrooms in excess of 4 grams or more 3 or 4 times, and I've done acid twice before. None of those experiences came close to the trip I had last night.

So about a week ago I got a text from my friend asking if I wanted some Lucy. I decided I would go ahead and stock up now and just do it whenever I had some free time. So, my buddy picks me up and we drive downtown to this guy's apartment. Long story short, we get inside and his dealer, let's call him Juan, is really friendly and cool. We chill and just talk for about 20 minutes and my buddy convinces me to buy some trees. Juan tells me his trees are medical grade AAAA+. I decided to buy a gram to see how it was. I didn't really believe it was as good as he told me, I mean he's trying to make a sale, so I took words with a grain of salt.

Finally he reveals 5 strips of acid and tells me its 12 a hit or 100 a strip (10 hits). I convince him to sell me 5 for 50$. "This is the best acid you'll ever have." Juan said, "be careful, one hit will send you into another dimension." Of course I'm still very skeptical about his claims and ask him how much acid is on each hit. He told me they each contained 180 ug. At this point I was completely sure he was bullshitting me so I just said thanks and we left.

That night I decide to try his weed, I smoked one bowl and didn't feel too much. On the first hit of my second it hits me, I'm high as fuck. I finished my second bowl and was an easy [10]. I had been on a couple weeks tolerance break, but getting a [10] is nearly impossible for me, so I was very impressed with the quality.

The fact that the weed was indeed medical grade mad me very excited about the acid, if he was telling the truth about the bud, then the acid shouldn't be much different right?

Fast forward two weeks, the 5 hits have been sitting, wrapped in tin foil, between a calvin and hobbes book of mine. A different friend of mine, lets call him T, calls me and tells me he's got nothing to do that night and his house is empty. Finally time to trip.

T buys one hit. He has work the next morning at 730, and doesn't want to feel completely shitty. A second friend shows up, lets call him E, he's completely new to acid and decides to go all in, he buys two hits. we cut em up and drop. The adventure begins.


Just dropped two hits of acid, about a minute in and I already feel tension in my jaw. This is gonna be a good trip.


All the muscles in my body are tense. I hate the feeling of all the muscle discomfort, but I know it's a sign the acid's about to kick in so I'm getting excited.


I don't usually smoke weed while tripping, but I decided to take a single rip from T's bong. I immediately start to trip. We all go inside and turn on the roast of Charlie Sheen. E is tripping nuts right now, T is beginning to feel something, and my trip is slowly growing in intensity. We all make fun of how stupid Mike Tyson is.


I am high out of my mind. The TV is slowly becoming harder and harder to see and my whole field of vision is waving. I find everything funny and everything interesting.


Only 55 minutes in and I'm tripping harder than I have in my entire life. The T.V. is impossible to watch How could I be this high off of 2 hits? That is what I would have been thinking if I had complete control over my cognitive skills. The T.V. is almost totally a blur and the room is moving. The audial hallucinations are abundant.


I have entered the 4th dimension. I can see myself sitting on T's couch. I am outside my body. I am not in any lateral point in space. I have transcended the 3rd dimension and can travel anywhere throughout space in an instant. The laws of physics no longer apply and moving laterally has no meaning. This is what I imagined a DMT trip to be.


We go downstairs, at this point I am able to control myself again. E is still tripping balls and T is as well. We turn on T's xbox and watch Netflix. Once again I cannot focus on anything.


I turn on my laptop and look at crazy visuals on the internet, I didn't understand what was happening and what wasn't. I didn't know if everything was real or a lie. I trusted the lysergic acid to guide me throughout the rest of the trip.


We all go outside, at this point I am at my peak and everything is moving. There are fractals in everything, the trees, leaves, stars, grass. I am seeing so much happen at once I am on sensory overload. Me and T have some deep talks, we became closer friends and I began to understand a lot of the hardships he's been through. His mom passed away a few years ago, and he had never once talked about it to me. He finally opened up. Meanwhile E is literally running in circles.


I zone out for a solid 15 minutes. I become energy. I was pure energy, and I was one with everything in the world. I felt the life in everything and felt at complete peace with the universe. Absolutely inspiring moment.


We've been tripping hard for a long time and E decides to go inside because it's too cold. Me and T stay outside enjoy the scenery. T lives on a hill, his backyard is about half an acre of flat grass completely surrounded by trees, it's a natural window to the sky. The stars are dancing for me.


We walk back inside to check on E. He's not there. We go back outside, this time we notice it, his car is gone. We both immediately panic, I was still tripping hard. I was on the slow descent down, but it had just begun and I still could barely use my cognitive functions. This is where the bad trip begins. E's house is 20 minutes away, We decide to wait 20 minutes and call him.


The longest 10 minutes of my life, I keep thinking he'll be ok, then I completely lose myself looking at the wall. I realize it would be almost impossible to drive when I'm tripping this much.


We give him a call, he doesn't answer. We're literally worried sick, I feel like vomiting. E calls immediately after, he's made it home ok. I've never felt so much relief.


Me and T head downstairs. Every time I've ever tripped, I always lay on my back and listen to music while looking at the stars. It's my time to reflect, and if enlightenment comes to me, that's where it will happen. I told T where I was going and he immediately understood. I grab my zune and head for his backyard. The sky was a window to the heavens.


The grass is wet with dew, but I don't care. The music is beautiful. God is looking down at me and smiling. The stars dance to the beat. From Deadmau5 to Foster the People. This is my highlight, I feel so alive.

The earth is so small. The earth is nothing more than a speck of a speck. Everyone knows this, but nobody comprehends it. It is unfathomable. The human mind can understand the numbers, but they can never truly understand how small the earth is, how small we are. I've never been able to wrap my head around how tiny we are, but just for a few fleeting seconds I understood. I looked into the sky and realized the earth was an atom. I was seeing everything on a molecular level. I was tiny, I was nothing. My problems didn't matter, neither did my achievements. It was a sobering epiphany. I was infinitely happy and infinitely sad. I loved the earth, I loved space, and I loved humanity. But I pitied them as well.


I go back inside. I didn't reach enlightenment, but I felt fulfilled, happy, and just a little wiser. Mostly happy. T is still watching Breaking Bad. As we descend into sobriety we realize neither of us will be sleeping. We watch various shows on Netflix until T goes to work. I finally catch a good 5 hours of sleep and head home at noon.

I didn't reach enlightenment, but I reached a spiritual and emotional level I had never experienced before. I don't know whether I should feel wise or clueless. The world is a speck, but no matter how small and insignificant it is, I can still make a difference.

Bill Hicks said it best.

"The world is a ride, it goes up and down and round and round. It has thrills and chills and it's very brightly colored and very loud and very fun."

All I have to do is enjoy it.

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