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Shroom Trip


Shroom trip 12/2/11

My friend from college (Z) and I bought 3.8 grams from our dealer, we planned to take them the next day as early in the morning we could so we could spend most of the day out doors in the sun. But after a night of partying we didn%u2019t wake up till a little before noon. We went to the lounge in our dorm with another friend (M) and split the bag in half. He took his right away, I forgot the orange juice in my room that I wanted to take w/them, so I ran up to my room grabbed the drink ran back down went to another friends room showed her what I was about to take then chugged the concoction we hung there for a few minutes till . Z and I got a group to go with us to the lunch room.

While there things stated to seem far funnier than they should be and everything was brighter. I excused myself to go to the bathroom, and I was completely functional till I was on my way back when I ran into my friend as he was getting up for more food.  We both saw each other and burst out laughing in front of about 50 people. I then went back to the table w/Z and we realized that we needed to get out of there before things got out of control. Z, M, and I were on our way back to my dorm room to chill for a bit, but we ran into our friend (V). Instead of heading to my room to chill we decided to go grab our bong and weed and go smoke a bit. On the way over I could not stop feeling my newly shaven head and I would stare at each door for what would seem like an excruciatingly long time. As we got into the elevator I realized that the smudges on the walls from other people rubbing and drawing were pulling themselves off the walls and becoming green smoky ghost versions. The world was very vibrant and alive, the walls looked like they were breathing and I could see a giant ball move under the %u201Cskin%u201D of the walls and the floors. The patterns on the doors, growth rings, looked like they were melting and sliding away. As Z and M went in to grab the materials V and I stayed outside and waited. We were on the couch waiting I felt like I was sinking or being swallowed so I got up and stared down the hall way. The growth rings on the doors looked like they were slithering around; they reminded me of snakes in a puddle. It was at this point that I realized that I was ready to head out, smoke and calm down a bit.

We went out to the woods where we usually go to, and lit up. I only took a few baby hits out of Starvin%u2019 Marvin so I didn%u2019t feel too effected but I did calm down. I do not remember how I got back to my room but V, Z, M, and I eventually got back. When we got there I jumped into my roommates bed, both left for the weekend and his blankets seemed to be beckoning me, once we were all settled in V got some really trippy videos playing, weird YouTube videos mostly. I'm not too sure when V left but she eventually did. At some point I got off my bed and put on Yellow Submarine. I could not pay attention, because I kept running around my room thinking that there was something that I really needed to do, so I kept restarting the movie probably every two minutes. Z and M were still trying to watch the movie so I eventually crawled back into J%u2019s (my roommate) bed. It got stuck in my head that Z and M should be somewhere else but they couldn%u2019t move to get there. So I got down again and did my best to convince them to leave, they later told me that left for C%u2019s room where they watched a Harry Potter marathon. I regret this now because my trip would have been much more exciting with them there I believe. I then gathered all my shower supplies and my towel and went to the showers. The showers in my dorm are around 5x5 feet and lockable, with white, orange, red, green, and blue tiles and vibrant shower curtains.


This was the point where weird things started to happen to my world. The tiles were dancing and flashing vibrant versions of them, the curtains looked like they were dancing and enveloping me (writing this now I assume that I wrapped myself in the curtainsJ). I also realized while I was in there that I was making really weird laughing noises that were sure to draw attention to myself.  I stopped because I didn%u2019t want to have my shower interrupted by some concerned passerby. I had a very powerful urge to cleanse myself and I was also very pleased with my newly shortened haircut. By the end of the shower I had showered and washed every part of myself so many times that I startled myself looking in the mirror because I was very red raw. I looked just like a daemon/devil and I felt like I could do anything by this point. I decided right then and there that I would not leave my room for the rest of the day because I did not want to do something very stupid.

Once I decided this I grabbed every pillow and blanket in the room and made a cocoon/nest thing that I spent the next 5 hours digging through and curling up. Once I was in my cocoon I felt like I wanted to expunge my everything from myself, my mouth felt like it was vacuum put into reverse sucking all my organs out of myself. I felt like I was the cocoon I made, that I was connected to warmth it provided and I was connected to it threw my insides, mainly my stomach. I spent what seemed like an eternity attached to the warmth, and all this time I was moving threw my mass of warmth that kept morphing and changing. I still recognized that I was human and knew name when I connected with my cocoon but now I was not able to reconnect w/ reality (this was also when I decided that if I tried to fight it bad things would happen so I went with what I was shown). The decision to go with it was one of the most unburdening feelings I have ever had; I had started to lose connection with reality. From what I can remember, and words really do not fully describe what I saw/became, I was %u201Creborn.%u201D At first I was an embryo or a seed or some primal non-sentient entity, I had no care in the world other to exist in comfort. I eventually realized that I was connected to some powerful, unreachable life force. I was connected to this force fully but I couldn%u2019t reach it, yet at the same time it was sustaining me and keeping me alive. There was an impenetrable force around this orb of light that all I wanted to do was join in the true contentedness that it had. This primal version of me melted, I was no longer the most basic part of me that I delved into; I was a thick liquid (tasteless honey) swirling around this dense pearl trying to find some way in. There was no way for me to connect with this warmth, it was right there but I could tell there was no way for me to get there. I withdrew from the warmth. I knew that I could not reach it myself and I needed to find help to meld with this orb. As I pulled myself away I started to develop again, all I became was a mind, my mind, then I regrew a structure of some kind and pulled myself out a the warmest, pinkest, tunnel that could be imagined.

 Once I climbed out of my cocoon; I had become self-aware of my human quality again. I stood and undressed, I was not cold and it seemed ridiculous that I should be clothed or that anyone should. I then knew instinctively that I needed to become a prophet for all who have not experienced what I just have. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw myself as divine, that I had been chosen and should take everyone in existence to the true warmth. I was going to run out of my room (completely unclothed) go around campus and try to show everyone what I had come into contact with. Thankfully I had enough of my wits about me to not do this, but it was one of the harder things I%u2019ve ever done not leaving. I then spent a the rest of the day watching That 70%u2019s Show processing what had just happened to me. In the end it was a very intense, powerful trip and I can%u2019t wait to do it again.  

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