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What's Under The Floor.

It was like Inception....

I did 20$ of goldcaps while I was at my University. About 2 to 3 hours after consuming my goldies, I went to the washroom, and as I began to wash my hands, it hit me like a rock. the world started ticking in frames. moving slowly in vert. circles, forming kaleidoscopic images. As I slowly walked down the hall towards my friends dorm, i saw myself in the reflection of a window, and i seemed to be surrounded by blue fog, time slowed, and music played. 

As I went back into my friend's dorm, i started getting pulled closer to the floor, where the cracks seemed to glow, until i realized i was trapped underneath the floor and couldnt get back out. I started falling backwards into darkness, and my thoughts enveloped my body. I was trapped inside my mind, Seconds seemed to divide into seconds and thoughts repeated themselves indefinatley, time lost meaning and colours blended into a light brown mass very slowly turning into a multi petaled flower. 

I don't know if the shrooms were legit or dusted, all I know is at some point I allegedly tried to jump out a window. 

Any idea if they were real shrooms or not? 

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