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My First Trip Report

A Walk by the River

This is the first time I have ever wrote down an experience of tripping and shared it here or anywhere.

      A little bit of background on myself:

Age: 18

Psychoactive Drug Experiences: Two years of using pot, psilocyben cubensis mushrooms (once fresh) & (five times dry), LSD one hit (once), and an occasional drinker. I have learned a great deal from my uses of cannabis and respect it as more of a personal guide than a social high. My first couple of mushroom trips I had magnificant  experiences visually and realizations about life in general. They were too intense for my first experiences to really put it all together. I felt fuzzy and confused about most of them. Later and more recent trips have been recreational and had less meaning to me, yet still enjoyable. My only experience with LSD was quite different than the fungi fun and left me baffled from the strength of one hit. I might have to share that experience here in the future.

Mental State of mind going into this particular trip: I've felt fresh and happy about my life recently. Have myself a great girl friend and a solid group of honest and true friends. I also had felt relieved of finishing my final exams in my first quarter of college.

       The Experience:

Around a month ago I woke up a little after 6 AM and consumed 2 grams of dried cubensis shrooms. I washed it down with a glass of orange juice and wrote down some thoughts on my upcoming adventure. I wrote that I was excited and a bit anxious to trip like times before. I turned on the tube and was greeted by the movie Gladiator which I thought would put me in a good state of mind on this early morning. As I watched the film the sun starting creeping onto the horizon and I felt lucky to have such a beautiful morning coming on. At the hour mark after eating the shrooms my nervousness had become an euphoric feeling filled with peace and joyfulness. My change of thoughts on the movie, the sunrise, and even presence of my family room made me smile. As I tried to keep focus on the end of Gladiator I was easily distracted as the sun rose and everything becomes a whole lot brighter. I noticed very skinny beams of bright yellow/orange light in the sky and coming right through into the family room. In the last scene of Gladiator when he is slowly experiencing death coming on I could feel death's power. In a completely different way than I usually percieve this gloomy matter. In the movie as he is walking through a field brushing his fingers across the wheats and going towards what looks to be representing a gate of heaven, he finds his dead family. I understood his relief and that only because his life was done didn't mean there was no more. What that is I cannot figure out still which is a mystery to me. Anyways as a song started to play during the credits I could truly start to feel me, the music, and my environment start to morph into one. I had such a pure energy from the music I ended up rewinding the credits a few times before I decided I didn't want to waste my whole morning singing to this song.

   After turning off the TV I made my way downstairs into my basement to listen to my ipod through surround sound speakers. I felt odd and wobbly making my way down the stairs as I often have during a trip. As I went with my goal of putting on some music to jam out, I had a hard time keeping focus on each thought. I was off to another thought before I got too focused on one I had literally just began. I hooked in the ipod and put on some electronic trance music. Easily my favorite genre of music, I listened to Above & Beyond, Tiesto, and Strobe by Deadmau5 haha. I love just to dance and let my happy feelings burst out of me while tripping sometimes. I love to dance around like a goof ball anytime but it was great feeling the vibrations of trance bouncing thoughout me and the room. The walls and ground kind of take part of bass/sound itself with vibrational movement. I find it all very cool and have a tingling sensation that goes from my belly all of the way through my brain and up out of it. At one point the song trapped in my mind by kid cudi came on which i have always enjoyed. I had stopped dancing and was staring at these brick tiles by my fire place moving, shuffling, and taking on an almost 2D pop up look. My mind is flying and at the same time I am not thinking of really anything. I look up directly in front of me at my 55" plasma TV (which was off) and was quite frightened. In the only way I can describe there was what looked to be a large human face starting to take form. No specific facial characteristics, just a large head which was streching my TV out coming towards me. Now I've had very strange visuals while tripping but this just disgusted me and my entire environment all of sudden was bothering me. Plus the song trapped in my mind was tripping me out with bad vibes. I thought of the only solution I could think of in this situation; GO for a walk! 
   I bundled up, grabbed a bottle of water, and my ipod, and I was out the door. This being the first week of December in Columbus, Ohio it was pretty chilly. I was dressed properly so the temp did not have an affect on me. The cold weather did however leave the grass and cars glazed with frost which was beautiful. My car which is a black jeep looked like a big ice cube with a shimmering blue glow to it. I walked down to a river near my home and took into thought about how crisp and excellent everything looked. The trees were engulfing me with their presence and swaying together. The black top road took on a flowing movement and I had the thought of the earth being my tred mill. It was walking but the earthing was rotating under my own feet. Walking along the path I would stop and gaze at something lost in thought. I would experience the tingling feeling in my brain and say "WOW" outloud as the world's beauty I could mentally feel. As I had visuals on the path, the trees, river, the sun having multiple halos rotating, I also had auditory distortions. At one point a dog came up and barked to me and I was taken back at how it echoed over and over ringing in my head. Also I could hear a plane flying over me but I couldn't detect the direction because the extremely loud engine/soaring noise was surrounding me. I almost fell over looking for it in the sky... The planes contrails produces wavy paterns with grid like patterns with hints of neon orange which I enjoyed very much. I have always noticed clouds changing in shape and size but there wasn't a cloud in the sky. On my way back to my home I put on my ipod listening through headphones. I was now peaking and could not stop smiling as I walked back. My face felt weird from the smiling but I could not help from stopping. I stopped by the biggest tree I had seen, staring in aw. It was inviting me over to respect it's might. I walked on over  looking at it, then a group of ducks playing in the water. I had so much fun joking to myself about each ducks personality I completely forgot about this mighty tree and backed up into. I jumped so high and had the sensation of someone jumping out behind a corner for the first time in your life. I felt like a young boy experiencing fear for the first time which made laugh out loud. The unique part was that I felt this huge tree was laughing with me sharing the humor. Odd stuff on this early morning. As I journyed back I got the same sense of fear when a car drove by me from behind.

    As for when I got back home I was coming down, feeling mellow and well just great. I wrote down my feelings and what I wanted to do for the rest of my day. Though this was nowhere near my strongest trip, it by far my most pure enjoyable. I love tripping because I really appreciate the smallest things in life that I wouldn't if I had never tripped before. This trip had basically no negative aspects besides the face in the TV and the vibes that was starting. I realized as I grow older and more mature that I definitely need to experience life sometimes as I did as a child. There so many great parts of my life and new things I want to learn and try.

Please give this a read and let me know if you enjoyed it or not. I won't be offended! I had a good time writing this personally and I am excited to finally join you all upon this great website. I love sharing my experiences and listening to others. Btw Merry Christmas! You'll be hearing from Tbone soon again :)

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