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Be Careful Who You Trip With

Good to bad in a matter of seconds

It was my 17th birthday when this trip occurred. The previous night my friends slept over at my house which is on a 92acre farm. 
It was my friend who I will call G, my other friend who i will call J, and my friend G's friend who I will call M. I was not close with M as I was with G and J, I had only hung out with him a couple of times and only with my friend G. We had not done any substances together and he was new to J, G, and I's "meetings" as they were called, where we would indulge ourselves in to new psychoactive drugs such as mushrooms, 2C-E, and Acid. 
In the morning around 10am we went to a town an hour away from my house where my connection was. It took till 9PM till we finally grabbed them.  Throughout this mission, M was really starting to annoy me, asking me if i regret doing chemicals in front of my mom, oblivious of what he was doing. The way I described him a was big, oblivious, boulder, he would bump in to things and break them, leave full coke cans on  my carpet where people can hit them by accident, he was really beginning to get on my nerves and I just couldn't comprehend how stupid he was (Stupid is just the tip of the iceberg describing him, not being mean, you would know if you knew him like i did) So we finally grabbed the mushrooms, 20grams of dried Golden teachers which are my favourite kind of Magic Mushroom which I have consumed 8 times without a bad trip once, one time with my cousin, and the other times with G and J. This was M's second time apparently which neither me, G, or J believed really because his description of his trips, which sounded more like a Salvia trip then a shrooms trip. 
We got to my house around 10:30pm. I took a shower which i normally do before tripping and got in to my PJs and hoodie which i consider to be my comfort clothes (clothes I trip in because they give me a sense of security) We consumed the 5 grams in a matter of seconds after J scaled them out into individual piles. 
J, G, and I were on a queen sized mattress cover with many pillows on it which was our "tripping area" because of the many times we had tripped on it. M was on the couch a couple of feet away from us in my very large room. 
The mushrooms Began to kick in immediately after consumption. We had not eaten since the morning, which again, was very normal on a trip day. We got the normal stomach cramps and feeling of excitement getting stronger through us. I put on some music on my lap top (Hallucinogen's In Dub and Ott's Mir) The music was getting better and better as our shrooms began to break down. J, G, and I were beginning to laugh and smile like we usually during the beginning stages. M was saying he was not feeling the effects at all, maybe because of all the chips he was eating before he ate the shrooms. It was a bit of an insult to me because I had prepared the event and he was complaining that it was not good enough, i apologized sarcastically saying that "I wasn't able to rent out Wonderland, Alice beat me to it". 
My room is a trip sober. I have green, orange, red, blue, yellow, and orange black light paint splattered all over black walls in one part of the room which is where my records are, my couch is, and the TV as well. Where my bed is, the walls are grey and spray painted with cool designs and mushrooms, which were all drawn during a previous trip with G and J. I usually draw on the walls with a sharpy when I'm bored. i have large funky looking monster pillows around my room as well, which are fun to play with while tripping. 
When G, J, and I finally were starting to see things breathe, and move, we started to draw on the grey walls with the sharpy marker, while M stayed on the couch, making the asthma noises he makes when he is laying down. 
We went back to the bed and chilled out for a bit, sharing thoughts that were going through our heads and talking about random shit. M, did not want to talk, but instead just listen to music, which was cool with me because he was not very good at explaining anything at all really. 
I smoke the odd dart sometimes when I'm with G, and J  so we went out in to one of my fields to go have a smoke. M brought weed which really pissed me off because I told him not to before they came up, because of mild paranoia I have which was created from 3 previous arrests with possession of Marijuana, Paranoia was the reason I began taking shrooms in the first place, it decreased my paranoia. G, J, and M smoked some weed and we headed back. My Birthday is on the Winter Solstice so it was pitch black outside and the only light we had was from a small flash light. 
My thoughts were very strong and flowing rapidly at this point, I let my thoughts run which i normally didn't do and recently started doing after my 6th trip, i found that I would return to Sobriety with knowledge from the outer realms of consciousness. My thoughts were generally about family matters, religion, and thought process. I did think about the meaning of life at some points during the walk in the field. All these thoughts were positive, And were filling me with many things I have never even began to touch upon in "Reality world". The Visuals were not really visuals anymore, it was more like the world itself was a hallucination, like it was a totally new area. I talked to G a couple of times and discussed some of the topics we were thinking of, while J and M talked about the same thing as well. I could tell that J was not very interested in what he was saying from what I was hearing. Out of nowhere on the way back, M puked because of the weed he smoked, which probably woke up my parents. 
When we got back to the house we got back in to our areas of where we were before we left. It was around 2 hours in to the trip and the visuals were just getting stronger and stronger. i felt like my room was a realistic Pixar designed room, Very Retro looking. My friend J, looked like the prefect Depiction of the American Teenager of the 1970s, which then triggered my thoughts in to the relativity of the American dream, which then lead to the illegality of natural substances. I wish I could wrote down many of the things that went through my mind but I was to tripped out to type on my laptop. 
Out of nowhere, my stomach began to hurt really bad and I felt constipated and got the feeling of puking. I have consumed much more then 5grams before and have never felt this before, never in the middle of the trip. I kept going back and fourth to the washroom thinking that I was going to puke. i never did puke and i tried to take a shit, which just felt fucking weird and my legs looked like they belonged to a giant, I am 5'10 and way around 140, i am very skinny. I went back in to the room and lay down on the queen sized mattress. My face and tips of my fingers began to feel numb, saliva was starting to produce more on the right side of my mouth which made my check feel heavy, My hands then began to feel like they were covered  in blood, i looked at my hand which looked very pale and my skin looked like it was made of a latex material, my hands were not covered in blood but the feeling of my skin was very odd. The thought of being only skin, flesh and bone came in to my mind. I sat down and looked at G, and J and said "I think I am going to die". M then started to laugh at me hysterically and called me an idiot, which did not make it better at all. G, and J, the more experienced ones quickly started talking to me and rubbing my back to try and calm me down, it was starting to work so I lay down on the mattress and tried to fall asleep, until M told me to put on a movie. G, and J were okay with anything and knew the situation I was in so they didn't ask for anything at all. M started forcing me to go up stairs and get the movie I Am Legend, which is probably the most depressing movie you could watch on shrooms. I told him i wasn't in the mood for it. I convinced him to change his mind in to watching A.I, Artificial Intelligence, which is probably one of my favourite Steven Spielberg movies. We put it on and i tried to fall asleep. As I was dazing in to conciseness, I could still here the movie, I could here G, and J talking to me about the movie and asking me questions about it, I would then wake up and the part I was hearing in the movie had not occurred yet, and my friends were not talking to me at all. That scared the shit out of me. The thought of death was very strong in my mind. I thought that if i went to sleep, I would never wake up again. I went up stairs to get some fresh water. i took a couple sips because I was to tripped out to take a big gulp. M then found the water and finished the half gallon i had filled because he needed to "get the cigg taste out of his mouth" this really got me annoyed.
I grabbed my laptop, then looked up symptoms of a bad trip. The description was identical to mine, the post said that to get it away, is to socialize with friends and to just get your mind off of it. I went back to J, G, and M and told them that all I really wanted to do was talk because it would get away my bad trip. "hey guys" I said to G, J, and M, "can you just talk me out of this I'm having a bad trip if you havnt noticed and all i need to do is" "man shut the fuck up i'm trying to watch the fucking movie, go back in to the washroom where you didn't make noise" M said loudly. G, and J told him to shut up because of the dick he was being. 
I fell asleep and woke up. I realized that M was the key reason for the bad trip. 

Moral of the story. Make sure the people you trip with are cool and are close to you personally. Like G, and J were to me, and would not be negative to you like M was. 

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