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Second trip

Felt like a little kid again

Second trip with my bro...we'll call him john.

Both ate half an eighth, around 9 in the morning (Best time for us to do it, we got the whole house to ourselves for a couple hours). We started tripping on my nice wrap around porch, then we went into my basement and this is when the real fun began. Sooooo much crap in my basement so there was sooooo much to do. First we found a tuberware container full of little colored fuzzy balls for arts and crafts, and we spread them out all over my billiard table with the billard balls, so it was a table full of colorful balls haha. i took a handful of the colored fuzzy balls and just threw them at john, it was funny as f*ck, they ended up all over the floor but we just cleaned them up. Then we got this funny/dumb idea to go to BJs but then we realized there were people there and we couldnt go lol!! We then found a guitar in the basement and decided one of us play the guitar and one of us close our eyes and record the "sound waves" we just scribbled on a piece of paper but it was cool at the time. After our adventure in the basement we decided to go walk around there the woods by my house because its really nice by my house, i have nice woods and trails to walk around in. It was a beautiful day too. We just ventured into my woods and were having a good old time, we felt like little kids again just playing outside. I was walking around with two walking sticks to help me walk for some reason, it was cool. We arrived at my shed and i climbed ontop and when i was ontop of my shed some random ass person drove down my driveway to turn around!!! we were like "OMG WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF THAT??! WHAT DOES IT MEAN??!?" then we started to longboard around my driveway in weird ways (I was laying down and pushing myself with one foot and john was rowing with a stick haha). This is when our trip began to end, once we were done tripping we bought a dub and smoked a nice blunt. Very fun trip, i felt like a little kid again. Shrooms are like cheap ass vacations.

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