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Hi guys now I got yr attention I will tell you about my first proper trip.

Hi guys now I got yr attention I will tell you about my first proper trip.

I hadn't eaten much and 1 of my friends just got back from wales with loads of english liberty caps (psilocybe semilaceata) i asked if i could have any and my friend happily gave me a handful of the dried shroomz.

I then went down town and eventually got picked up to go home 5 miles away. I started to trip big time in the car! Sat in the back, the two front passangers had red, gree, and blue tracers coming of thier bodies, kinda like 3 bodies of colour moving with them.

When I got home my mum opened the door and turned the light on. I came up hard and her face turned into a star shape made of her pink skin which then rotated, however, her eyes, nose and lips remained stationery. I said I was going to bed and made my way upstairs noticing strange patterns in the carpet on the way up.

I got to my room and turned on my PC it seemed pointless so I turned it off and tried to watch TV. The TV was waving and I could'nt concentrate on any programs so I turned that off also. Then I realised my carpet was made of colour rotating spiders! They didn't move they all linked together to make the whole pattern which covered my floor! It was amazing. I tried to sleep and ended up flying through canyons on mars which was semi-controlable and also most amazing. I fell to sleep and i remembered no more...

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