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My first trip :3

Smooth, fun, and won a game of bowling.

I finally had a chance to try mushrooms. It was one the best experiences with drugs I have had to this date.
Age: 18
Size: Medium
Environment: Friendly, safe.
Mushrooms ingested: Dried Cubes.
Previous week with drugs: Cannabis (.3 gram) 7 days prior, Oxycodone (10 mg) 7 days prior, Xanax (1mg) three days prior. I had also tried one mushroom (a small P. Cyan), 7 days prior but it did not effect me.

It started at a friends house around, say 8pm. I was not aware I was going to shroom, but the chance arrived. I took around half and 1/8th in whole. I was very nervous to begin, but this night was a perfect night to do so, so I began.

T:0:00: I tore off a small piece of a dry cube, and threw it in my mouth I chewed it and swallowed it as fast as possible, then ate some flakes at the bottom of the bag.

T:0:10: Placebo kicked in definitely, just feeling a little spacey, but I got in on some plans to go bowling in a couple hours from now. I was a little nervous of how I would act, but I figured I would be fine.

T:0:20: I eat around three more pieces of the stem, and I am starting to feel my vision widen.

T:0:30: I go outside with some friends for a little and layed on the hood of a car, I remember looking up at the stars and they were so clear, I felt very 'clear', My body was getting tingly and I was very happy at this time. I stayed outside and the cold winter air took forever for me to feel.

T:0:1:00: I am definitely high, while my friend is waiting to buy more shrooms (an 1/8th of more dried cubes), I eat the remainder of the stem I possess. My talking seems to be very smooth (?), and time is moving by so slow. I feel great. Amazing, but am certainly not tripping. I remember telling friends how drugs are fucking up my life, and I realize how dependent I am on them. I tell them "I don't need anything but mushrooms and weed". I am trying to keep with that till date. I feel like an actual mushroom, my body seems to be inside a bubble, or how I put it a mushroom.

T:1:30: In half an hour we are going to leave to go bowling. Three things happened that were really cool to me, around this time. I remember trying to play with a cat, and I felt as if I were a cat also. At this time my mind is very hazy, but I can think so clear. Then, I remember eating around three packets of pop rocks, and it felt as if my mouth was a sea. I kept getting that feeling a random times. Lastly, I was watching a video of "Home" covered by a Daughter and Father, and I teared up it was so beautiful. Not much had changed trip wise at this time. But the shrooms my friend have bought finally arrived, and he gave me a thick stem, me being a nervous bunny, I ripped it in half and gave the other half back to him. Then I split that in half, and gave it to my friend who has also never tripped before. I ate the remainder of the stem. I still had a cap, and some stem left for later tonight, so I put that in my wallet.

T:2:00: It was time to go bowling, and I was hi-hi-high. My friend picked us up and we piled in a car. I was peaking at this point, and some nice dubstep was playing, with each bass bump, I would close my eyes, and fireworks would go off in my head in sync with the beat. We arrived at another friends house to pick up more people, and I head to get out to take a group picture. There were so many people, I was so scared haha. But everything felt like a dream, a lucid dream. I knew it was real though.

T:2:30: The rest of the car ride felt like I was watching a movie, everything seemed so real, and great. Euphoria starts to kick in as we reach the bowling alley, I am not my normal social anxiety self, I feel as if I could talk to anyone. Everything feels so smooth, nothing hurts. I don't feel anything but joy. No worries. As we are bowling I remember one specific. I felt as if I were on an opiate, without the drowsiness or down sides.

T:3:30: Bowling is over and I won, I shot an amazing 91 haha. We all go to denny's after but I am not hungry. I feel like I am starting to come down, towards the end I eat a little. It was a really funny dinner, everyone else probably thought we were idiots. The jokes were so terrible, haha but I didn't care.

T:4:00: It's around 1PM now and I am just getting back to my friends house. Everyone is tired, and I am a little too. But I still have some shrooms. With a semi-full stomach I split the rest of the shrooms with one of my friends with a high tolerance, and he falls asleep. I watch Beavis and Butthead but I was not really paying attention, I await my solo trip.

T:5:00: I head to a bed, and I start to feel euphoric, again as if I were on an opiate.

T:5:30: This is my first actual trippy moments, I look across the lake and see a lodge. Triangles would appear upon my vision, at a silverish color, then the lake would widen, or the lodge would. This continued for a while until I closed my eyes and started to see insane patterns. Two I remember were, I started to see a big ball, and a hammer would crush onto it, and it would release light. (I felt as if this meant I was breaking into my third eyes, but was not quite there), and also geometric shapes, with many sides, outlined in green and a blank white background.

T:6:00: Fall asleep, end trip.

Summary: This was on of the most cleanest highs I have experienced, and was very entertaining. I obviously did not take enough to explore my self conscious, but next time I will. And I am looking forward to it. I am still trying to stay off any drugs besides weed, and mushrooms. 

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