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First Shroom Trip (2g)

A crazy ride that took me all over town!

It's Dec 12, 2011 as I write this, I had my trip 3 days ago.

      To start off, I have been smoking weed for about a year and have tripped on salvia twice, this was my first mushroom experience. So there were four of us in my friend's car, my friend had a scale so we used that to weigh out our dosages, we all took about 2 grams. About 15 or 20 minutes after that, we smoked a joint, 10 minutes after that we filled a bong and passed that around. I'm not sure if this was a placebo effect, but I could start to feel my body spinning, almost like getting the "spins" from drinking alcohol, except without any negative feelings. About 45 minutes after we had first eaten the mushrooms, we were just outside talking and I was staring at a tree and it's branches. After staring for 20ish seconds, the branches started to wave around a little and become almost blurry. This is when I knew I had finally started to feel the shrooms. So we had all pretty much started to trip a little when my other friend (sober) drove up and we talked with him a bit. I was still coming up, and the best way to describe this stage was almost like being drunk and high. Except instead of being stupid, I felt elevated and great! Reality was slightly shifted and everything felt... "different" than normal. It's truly not a feeling you can describe with words, but I will do my best, also, keep in mind that time took on a different role and it was very hard to keep track, so if I say something took an hour it might have been 5 minutes haha.

      So after talking with him for maybe 15 - 20 minutes, we were all definitely tripping now. My sober friend suggested that we do something, and he wanted to go to DRIFTING!!! (it's winter right now). At first I was freaked out by the thought of piling in a car with 4 other people and sliding around in a big parking lot, but I said fuck it, I want tonight to be insane! So we all got in his car and went to this big parking lot a few minutes away from where we were. There were a few cars in the lot and people standing around. My friend comes to a stop and puts on some crazy music and turns it up super loud. Then he gunned it and pulled the emergency break!! I was in the back seat in the middle, so I had a clear view out of the front. It was probably one of the most strange, yet satisfying things I've ever felt. It was as if the car were staying completely still, and the world was rushing around us! We did that a few more times and I couldn't get enough! It was literally addicting and one of the funnest things I've ever done in my life, I felt like a little kid again! So after a few more times, we decided to leave because the people were staring at us.

      When we left, we decided to go to superstore. Now, I've heard that seeing people and being around strangers when tripping on shrooms is a bad idea because it can lead to a scary time, but I had 3 other people just as high as me, and a sober guy, so I felt pretty safe after a few minutes of convincing myself it was going to be fine. So we pull up to the store, and it was BRIGHT. I could see the light just bursting out of the store and it was like walking up to a magical factory! When we got inside, I saw two people, and I honestly believed that they were mannequins until they turned around to stare at us! That really tripped me out and I couldn't help but start laughing at how strange it was. We walked up and down a few isles and I was mesmerized by the vibrant colors of everything! The fruits looked so strange and hilarious that I actually laughed at a few. Everything was so strange, it was like I was exploring a grocery store on a different planet. I passed a few people and actually made eye contact with one of them, and it was as if I was staring into his soul and we were communicating telepathically for a split second. We walked around a little bit more then walked out after not buying anything haha.

      So when we left we decided to go to a little diner 10 or 15 minutes out of town. As we were going down the highway at 100kph (62mph) I felt like were were flying into space. Everything around us was dark, but in my mind I just pictured us zooming through space on our way to the next destination. When we arrived, we went inside and the waitress took our orders. It was actually her first shift and we were her first customers, lucky her! I had a hard time making eye contact because it tripped me out, but I managed to tell her that I wanted a burger, and apparently I ordered a coffee too but I don't remember ordering it. Up until this point I hadn't really experienced any hallucinations or distortions in great detail, so as we were talking I decided to stare at the pattern on the table. It slowly started churning and looked like it was 2 feet deep. I saw other slight distortions when I stared long enough at other things too. Also, up until this point we had been having fits of laughter that would last a few minutes at a time. When I say fits of laughter I mean UNCONTROLLABLE laughter :D   I found ordinary objects to be funny and the conversations we were having were some of the best I've had in my life! After eating and sitting and talking there for about 1.5 - 2 hours, we decided to leave. I went into the washroom before we left and stared at myself in the mirror. I've heard that this also freaks some people out, but I was pretty calm when I stared at my extremely dilated pupils. When I put my hands under the dryer (it's one of those really powerful ones) my skin began to ripple under the force of it. It looked like my hands were clay being molded again and again like a stop-motion film.

      When we left we headed over to wal-mart to dink around in there and laugh at the toys and such. Just like superstore, the store was super bright and almost overwhelmed my senses. We pretty much did the same thing as we did at superstore, except this place had 3D TVs!!! The demo they had was a bunch of clips of people throwing things at the camera to intensify the effect, I stared at the screen for a bit and tripped out to that, then we had a few moments of non-stop laughing and left!

By this point, it was about 5AM (we ate the shrooms just before 11PM), so we decided to call it a night.

It's extremely hard to capture all of the flashing and fleeting thoughts that were running through my crazed mind and explain it in a way that makes sense to someone who hasn't experienced it before. I could write a book on just my first trip alone, you go through so much in just a short span of time, and I would recommend it to anyone who feels ready to take the next step!

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