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600ug of LSD

My biggest lsd trip so far

This was not the first time doing LSD. But I had no tolerance when I did it. I got home from school and waited for my family to fall to sleep. I took 6 good hits of lsd and felt it slowly creep up on me. The most I'd done before this was 3 hits, which hit me pretty hard. I've noticed I'm pretty sensitive to most substances, which is lucky because I love getting high. It hit me very suddenly 35 minutes in. two minutes before I felt a slight tingling feeling. Now I felt barely coherent and couldn't control my thoughts. Time slipped by like it didn't even exist. Before I knew it 4 hours has gone by, and there I was slamming my cock in my girlfriends ass, the walls swirling and melting around before me. I'm felt strong and invincible. I roared as loud as I could like a lion while slamming my piston. She enjoys this manner of expressing my manlihood, and I feel her ass muscles contract and squirt a thick jelly like substance out which coats my ballsack and dries a little, making it sticky. The gel substance (ass cum?) soon turns to a white foam as I roar in satisfaction. We smoke a bowl and she kisses me goodbye and leaves. We both secretly know it's really about the sex, we have barely anything in common. I contemplate how I got into fucking her...
My brother walks in and I can barely explain whats going on. He laughs and says get off my bed I need to sleep. I get up and make a disgusted face as he lays on the bed I just used to fuck my girlfriends pussy and ass. He didn't even know. Nasty. I stand there talking to myself all night long. I eventually realize I am God. I don't know how I came to be God, but I just am. I'm also an elf. I decide to test this by stopping time. I say the command and wave my hand as I feel a burst of energy. I look around, and in the dead of night it seems I really have stopped time. Holy shit. I then realize aliens have gathered outside my house. I was to be abducted unless I demonstrated my immense power. I run to my older brother and yell "rise! up, my son! Protect your father God!" He awakens with a startle, seeming angry. I get the feeling I just created life. I look at his face and realize it is horribly misshappen. The facial features are in all the wrong places! I've created an ugly, angry beast! It's going to kill me! But suddenly, it lays back down, asleep. I forget about the aliens and get in the shower. 2 hours later I realize I am standing naked in the dark, and no water is running. The bathroom tiles are morphing, and I'm just beginning to come down from my trip. LSD is a stimulant, and a trip of this magnitude will resutl in a crash. I climb in bed and expierence a weird waking dream sequance that no longer feels pleasant. If you've ever come down from a huge lsd trip you know what I mean. You are still hallucinating a little, but you feel unpleasant. I wake up fully soon and try to eat breakfast with my family. I feel like shit and have to paint our new house all day. I decide never to take this much acid again, at least not before my regular bedtime.

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