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The Hyperspacial Transcendental Object

55mg dmt

Set and Setting:

~55-60mg N.N-DMT

                  Volcano Digit Vaporizer with Solid Valve + Metal Mesh Liquid Pad

Temperature:        446F

Music:                     Mystery of the Yeti: Tribal Gathering

Environment:         Chillin' on the couch indian style next to my girlfriend, brother and mutual friend, eyes closed


                                 Well, we had finally perfected our method of vaporizing via volcano and could easily achieve breakthrough doses within 2-3 lung fulls of vapor.  I had tried DMT a few times via smoking, but had not experienced anything beyond lsd/shroom-style effects. This time was very different and potentially life-changing.

                                 Pre-Trip anxiety had my heart beating fast with slight pressure on my chest as the dmt begin filling the bag with milky white vapor, so thick you can't see through the bag. I quickly sat on the couch and took a deep long breath full and held it. i exhaled, saw a lot of vapor didn't get absorbed and took a second deep breath of vapor -- it was coming on quick. My vision began to blur and I knew it was time to close my eyes.

                                 I began to see a twisted pattern somewhat like an incredibly complex mobius strip that had many manifolds twisting into itself. It twisted and morphed with the music and i began to fall into it. From here it was somewhat like being in a living-room with a half-circle shaped window; almost like a painting perhaps of a living room with a half-circle window, but it felt like i was in this place.  The room then began to break down into pieces which the spaces between the pieces making up strange geometric patterns i've never seen before which were also the form these "beings" or "entities" took on. There were two of them, their form reminded me of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, but entirely made up of pieces of the room separated and put together in the geometric patterns that somewhat imitated the look of a pharoh. They were like mirrors of each other, one on each side being made up of pieces of the window and parts of the room but in mirror-like symmetry on each side.

                                 There were no actual sounds/words exchanged, but telepathic feelings of intention and welcomeness. They were trying to show and teach me things; specifically,  i got the impression they were showing me how to manipulate "hyperspace" or higher-dimensional "realities;" also, i was also given the impression that they were "downloading" information into my central nervous system for later use, like planting seeds that will fruit when the right stimulus comes along to fertilize them.

                                 I saw strange images of 3-dimensional objects being broken down into pieces and rearranged in hyperdimensional or transdimensional ways. one  sequence  was similar to the image on a public restroom of a Man -- from the symbol came these red arrows that grew from the outside edge from head to legs curved and went downwards; like some symbolic tool to show one needs to be grounding.  I opened my eyes in the midst of the experience and the room was blurry and felt very far away; i was beckoned to return and complete the experience with my eyes closed.  I was getting frightened; the high was so heavy and i could see how one might experience these hyper-dimensional spaces upon death if the pineal gland did in fact produce and release DMT in the case of near-death experiences, dreams, etc.

                               Things begin to get weirder. When i returned, i began experiencing myself as a transcendent being/entity -- my form was very very strange and resembled taking a 3-dimentional object and plucking it like a guitar string; a 3-dimesional object smeared over space-time. But not only that, it also included all possible quantum probabilities for different adjacent  3-dimensional "realities." These quantum probabilities were represented by manifolds  also spread through space-time off this transcendent object/being. I appeared to be experiencing 3-dimensional objects being spread over space-time into higher-dimensional objects that before i could only intellectualize.  Mind Blown. 

                              As I experienced myself being this being, the room i was in was shifting around me and spinning on different axises; i was ready for it to stop -- sensory overload. I opened my eyes and terminated the experience as the room shifted and warped back into the 3-dimensional reality. I was shocked. Stunned. Unable to speak or explain what i experienced without some time to reflect and integrate. I was physically shaking for upwards of 10 minutes afterwards in revelation.  I had gone to singularity on LSD, but this was another reality in between that i didn't even realize existed. Whether it's in my own mind as a product of my own psyche or whether it's an autonomous plane of the godhead that i tapped into, i was speechless. What i experienced felt more "real" than "real." 

                             If these planes are autonomous and not reliant upon one's individual ego, it might be possible to get really lost when you go through your final flush of dmt when it's that time to move on. It really appears death is just the beginning of an even wilder ride.

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