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A Night of Loops

scariest time of my entire life

Well this was a few years back and the memory of that night still haunts but also enlightens me. i had a few friends that have done mushrooms before and there storys had always interested me so me and 3 of my friends decided to get some mushrooms for the night. We ended up buying a whole ounce because we could just sell the ones we don't eat. We get our bag then we head to my friends house. once we get there we start picking through the bag for our share i found the biggest mushroom in the bag which was a little bit more then an 8th. not understanding what mushrooms can do to you, i just eat the whole thing... not the best idea. after we eat our mushrooms at about 10:00 pm we go and smoke a bowl then put in the movie "heavy metal". I don't know if any of you have heard of this movie but if you have you will know that its an extremely weird/trippy movie. so about half an hour in i start to have some pretty awesome visuals. there where crown like geometric patterns that where all rainbow colored and they where twisting into each other. it was unlike anything i have ever seen and it was amazing. i look over at one of my friends and his face started to turn orange and he grew whiskers like a lion. I continue to look at his face and after a while it started bubbling like lava then melting down which really freaked me out. After i saw that i felt like i was melting and i was extremely hot, i would wipe my face and my back because it felt like my skin was just this weird lava like substance. This melting thing and the fact that one of my friends was already super fucked up and was chewing on rocks is what sent me into a downward spiral into a very bad trip. i completely lost all sense of reality and time and have no idea where i was or what was happening in reality for the rest of the night. I was going through several different time loops which where all absolutely terrifying. one of them was the feeling of ultimate misery it was all the worst feeling you can possibly have physically and emotionally, my body was cringing and contorting into these terrible feelings for what seemed like hours. Then the next time loop was probably the scariest. All the sudden there was this click in my trip and the last second of what ever was happening just kept repeating over and over and in my mind i knew that this is what this is what the whole world has come to. The same thing was happening to everyone everywhere and it would be happening for eternity but i wasn't confused about why it happened it made complete sense at the time but looking back on it i cant understand why it made sense. i herd a voice say a phrase that made everything make sense but it was some alien language and i have no clue what it was. The last time loop felt like i was breaking through to sanity. I could finally see my friends but there faces looked scary they all had really huge foreheads and there mouths where really small and scrunched up. they tried to give me water but i didn't understand what they where doing i had no control of my body. Then i felt as if i was jerking up from a bad dream but this happened several times. It was like i was falling into myself over and over and each time i did i gained a little bit more control of my arms and legs and my movements. I eventually able to speak, i looked at my friend and all i said was "hey"  then all he said was "hey man" and all of the sudden there was a huge rush of relief and i was completely fine. I sat up on the couch and talked to my friends about my night. i found out it was 3:30 and i didn't say one word ever sense things got bad. They almost took me to the hospital because i was just crawling on the ground the whole night. overall this experience was absolutely the scarcest time of my entire life but it was amazing at the same time. The stuff i experienced was life changing and IM kinda glad it happened.

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