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meaning of life. understanding everything around us.

Note: i will try my hardest to explain this trip. its all easy in my mind, but when i try to explain it to someone, its hard.

So this trip happened about 2 months ago.but i am decided to write about it now. but ever since that night, my whole life changed.

i took a total of 10 grams in a 2 hour period

so i met this new shroom dealer. ive taken shrooms before but no more than 2 grams. 
this day i worked with my cousin and made some money and spent 40 dollars for 4 grams. man these shrooms looked crazy, shiny gold caps. with blue and purple stained stems. 
ii took 2 grams and gave the other 2 grams to 2 friends(1 Gram each). i dropped my 2 friends off, and picked up another friend. after told him i ate magic mushrooms he wanted to get some. so i said ill get some with him. then his friends came over and us 4 all pitched in our moneys and got about 14 grams. i then started seeing everything move around and started laughing a little. and then they thought it was their first time so they all took 2 grams and it left me to take 10. so i took the challange. one of the kids parents was out of town, so we went there to hang out. He is filthy rich and has  such a nice house.

so im already shroooming from the first 2 grams, and im walking around the house examining everything. everything looks cool and wavy and interesting. 2 other friends decided to come over and join us to witness our trips.

a hour later, everthing is shifting colors and waving around me. im walking down the hallways and bumping into everything and laughing hysterically.
my friends are having a good time as well. the 2 kids who are not shrooming are laughing and trying to mess with the kids ha. were looking in mirrors looking at each others hands and stuff.
after a hour. my eyes start tearing! everyone thought i was crying, but they kept tearing and tearing and tearing. at this point i thought i was having a bad trip. 
i remember them talking to me and expecting a response, but i couldnt respond. i just looked at them with watery eyes. so they laughed,

note: i was madly interested in space, and time, and other universes. and so and so

so this is where my life changing experience happened.
i sat down on the couch and asked to be left alone. then it seems like i blacked out and had a dream. i was sitting in the same position for hours i was told.
what i saw... i cant explain.... as if all my answers to life had been answered. i saw a molecule like dot, i think it was what every little think was made of. and from there came out feelings, emotions, cars, trucks, pain, birds, chairs, ideas, everything known to man. it was the deepest thinking i ever felt. like every bit of knowledge i carried in my brain had been pieced together to explain to me how the world worked. sounds crazy. when i try to explain this, i cant.
i saw every individual, and how there capable to impact the world, how every individual could do what they wanted, just had to find their way to it.
i came to the conclusion that people argued because everyone lived in different worlds, we all shared the  same world, landscape, but all have different outputs on things.
there are soo many explanations infront of our eyes, we just need to learn how to see it. then this thought me there there is a mind set of psychic. where you can teach your sober self how to change your level of consciousnesses. and if 2 people who have reached the rank of being psychic, then they would get along. 

i thought about alll the choices life had to give us. every day you make a choice. 
and that choice has big impacts whether you know it or not..

examples i thought of the following day.
what if hitler died as a kid somehow, either got hit by a car, or got sick, no holocaust.
or you choose the wear a yellow shirt to school, and at school everyone would see that yellow shirt, what are the chances that you decided to wear a blue shirt, after you make a decision, time cant be changed, its written forever in history, but what we do impacts the future.

idk if im doing a good job at explaining my trip. 

but continuing, i came of with some sort of theory about time, that i had forgotten, i just remember telling myself that theres always a day and a night, day, night, day night, day, night, and that how we spend our time during these hours can impact the world in soo many ways.
i remember after my zoning off of this big crazy theory, i wanted to cry of joy because i figured out how the world worked. i wanted everyone to go buy 10 grams of mushrooms and experience what i saw, 
i then did start crying because i realized that not everyone in the world was going to take magic mushrooms and that if we did, everything would be answered..
its like i found the key and answers to everything, but couldnt show many people. 

Everything we see, is always seen differently from other people, even though were looking at the same world. 

for about 2 weeks after my trip, i felt like i had a job while i was sober, and it was to figure out how to get my level of awareness, or my level of consciousnesses, to the level of being a psychic.

during this whole trip i had a weird spiritual feeling, as if everything was going right. 

if theres any information you can give me, or just a response on your opinion of my trip, it would be greatly appreciated.

as of now, shrooms are my favorite. i would do them very often, but my dealer has stopped selling cause he got caught. 

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