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first time lsd

5 hits

ill get straight to it, its probally going to sound all mixed up cause i cant remember like what happened in what order but ill try, it was my first time i bought a 10 strip was nervous about doing it cause i have taken salvia before a few weeks ago cause i was desperate, and had some serious ego death. I didnt really want that much of a lost control feeling again so i started off with 2 blotters didnt feel anything and i thought they were fake so i took half the strip so i could confront the person, but when i took all 5 i got a chill feeling like uh o, i wasnt tripping but i could sort of feel it, so i went downstairs started watching tv with my aunt, she was watching CSI, well while watching csi i could start feeling the trip comming on, and i could tell the mood of the show was a bad idea i guess it was making me feel crappy cause everything on the show was completely over exagerated, like completely overdramatic. So i decided to get out of there and get into my room it was late at night btw, when i got there i was tripping pretty badly, i put some good tunes on, i prefer dubstep cause its fun :p, i remember i became this being i thought i was god or the universe kinda thing like this being that was made up of 2 things like hot and cold, or like pleasure and pain something like that, and thats what i ran off of, wich was the universe and i felt like i was becoming unstable at times if i went to hot or too cold, so i would have to do something to lose that energy level, like smoking a cigerette or something or i would get to hot or cold or explode like a big bang or the death of a star or something like that, at first i believed i was god or like the controller of the universe and i wanted to stop all war and create world peace, so i decided to stop all time and i begin trying to bring people that have died back to life(friends and family) from the ground, i was pulling the ground up by pinching it and i would try to mold people out of it, i could only get their outlines out but i wanted to just create just a giant dance party. I thought everything was absurd like money blahahaha watever and i just wanted the world to just be this positive energy. So i was dancing with these things and i could feel god was watching me or some concousness all around my room, and i was like this beutiful thing it created. The music then turned into everything, like i could was warping it into all sorts of shit and every song played the same song, i just could completely manipulate everything about it. I would also keep sorta almost going into bad trips but i knew i could pull myself out of em, at first when i thought i was god i  thought everyone would try to kill me and go crazy if it ever went public, and that i made up a pattern of society and if i break it the order of the universe would go out of control, i thought that i created man to not be alone, and now that i unlocked the knowing of everything i could possibly destroy the universe i could feel a sort of loss of control where everything would warp like everything would lose what it is, like i created what it looks like, maybe its not really there, or i could make it look differant. I thought it was best to just go to sleep wake up and mix in with the crowed again, the fucked up weird thing is that it fealt completely real, i wrote on papers to remind myself what had happened. I thought i would like to play my role as what i am and just spread love or something like that, help people out like their my family. And that being such a superior being would just be too difficult, and i would rather be ignorant and be happy forever. And that my energy levels that i was feeling were completely controlled and i really wouldnt burst. And when i resumed time i heard cop cars and shit going off like they were hunting me down like they could feel the universe becoming unstable and thats why lsd was made illegal. Well after that whole ordeal, i have taken lsd again and again, but the trip is much differant now i always have total control of everything like i totally understand what is all around me, i feel like it opens up this true understanding. I feel like basically i have magic powers to manipulate music, take invisible ropes and pull the colors up from the ground. And i just think of how amazing everything is. Anytime i walk down the street even without lsd i just can see so much beauty like i get a huge euphoric feeling, how i notice how trippy the universe is, with balls of fire in the sky (sun) and looking at the millions of stars in the sky and thinking about all the other realities there is out there. I also can read people and understand them and sorta feel like i have a duty to take care of them in some way i guess.

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