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-First Hard Trip- ~3D~

It all started one day when I kinda got a little bored of weed and i was gonna quit smokeing for a while when i decided that the weekend coming up would be a great time to kinda be the Grande Finalle.

It all started one day when I kinda got a little bored of weed and i was gonna quit smokeing for a while when i decided that the weekend coming up would be a great time to kinda be the Grande Finalle. I really wanted to do shrooms, because all the other times before that i have done them (4 times previous) were very dissapointing. So i finally got the shrooms, about 10grams dried. Me and my buddy GV fasted all day because we wanted to be really fuked up. Im a large guy haha, so it was hard. Anywho, Me and my 3 freinds GV, C, D all went over to D's house to pik him up and then go to a movie and trip out. Me and GV munched down on the shrooms within about 10mins on the way to D's house. We got there and obviously i felt nothing yet. So now we are all together and we are walking to the movie and i can start to feel myself get really heavey and my balance is off a bit.
We get to the movie theatre entrance and we all get our tikets. Everything is really spaced out and i feel "weird". GV is also feeling the same way. So we get our shit and once i get in line to get into the actual theatre i am seeing the walls coming in and out. I try to explain it to D and C but they are stoned on weed and they dont understand. So i just kept it to myself. My popcorn i had in my hand was so "deep" it was an intense shade of yellow and in looked like in the middle of the bag the popcorn was making a passege for me to go into. I never did because i had to give the chik my tiket and i also wasnt that fuked up...yet...
We all go and sit in our seats and there is nobody in the theatre so D and C and really loud and acting stoned, while me and GV are chillin, waiting for some more visuals. I cant really remember in good detail wat happened next but i will try to explain it. I looked at hand and the were red then turned orange and then green and i was just lovin it. People started to come in the theatre now so we all settled down. I just watched the screen because it was just like local ads and the lights never went out. I jsut watched the screen and it would move around. in and out. Then all of a sudden the lights went out and the music went loud, and it was jsut great. I never so great in all my life. I watched the prevus and they were intese, then outa the blue...litterally... everything came out of the screen and wen 3 dimensional! Wow! it was so aweosme, and on the sides of the 3D Cars in the prevu were that color wen u spit or get ur comp screen wet, all the litle red green and blues were on the sides of the cars! Its kinda confusing but its so hard to explain sry.
Anyway once i was done watching that i was rudely inturupted by a loud and i mean LOUD banging on the Exit door off to the side of the theatre, i saw all my freinds look around wondering where it was comin from. I got a little scared. But then C reassured me it was the movie. When our movie started i couldnt tell if it was still a prevu but i just keep watching all the colors of my hands. whenever the screen changed color it would send out a vide that splashed our world and turned us the some color, this was so cool. Then i looked bak up at the screen and decided to watch for a bit and see if something cool would happen...somthing happened, but it wasnt that cool. I watched the screen and then all of a sudden it looked like 2 huge eylids came down over my whole entire feild of view, and wen it went down all the sound a was hearing turned into a high pitch zzzwoo sound, the lower the eyelids went down the less sound i could hear and more of the zzwoo sound i heared.
Then i just sat the for a bit, i looked over at my freind C and think he was trying to talk to me but i couldnt hear him, But his face did turn in the crimson ghost which was pretty intense. I thouhgt about getting freaked out about this but then i thouhgt to embrace it so i just kept staring and then it actually went fully into the crimson ghosts face, it was really black around his eyes and for those who dont know wat the crimson ghost is, its like a skeleton guy. Anyway he was like.
Then it came to me, GV bought me Reeses Peices, the ones like smarties. So i pulled them out and C freaked out and was so happy, so i gave him some. I munched on some and the crunching filled my head. The sound was so blown up and so loud. Then i couldnt catch my breathe and all the goop of the reeses peices clogged my thoat and i calmly caught my breathe and did it again!!hahaha. C told me the movie was almost over so that was cool, i wnted to go see everything int he mall. Then i looked in fornt of me and the black part under the movie screen was so dark, i saw a white face in the darkness, i struggled to keep my mind from slippin into a bad trip, and i did well i tolds myslef in my head.
The movie finally ended and wen we got outta the theatre everything was sooo wide and spread out. My popvorn was overwehlemingly yellow and it made my hands yellow. All my buddies never thouhgt ur pupils go really big, haha but they were in aw at how big they were, i didnt care thouhg i was trippin. The way bak to my house was amazing, everyone went ahead like i told them to cause i was slow and it was cold but still they would wait every once in a while which was a sorta relief, we walked through a feild and the snow below me made all these crazy faces with their mouths open. we finally got to my house and it was kinda scary because i didnt know if my parents were up or wat. so we went to open the door and it was 'loked' so we went around and all the doors were loked, then we came bak and i didnt wanna ring the doorbell because thats fuked, so i forced open the door......but lukily for me they door was only frozen. we went straight downstairs into my room and made beds for everyone and slept, i never got to sleep till 2 am though and it was 11:30 wen we got home. I kept thinking about who i was and how everyone else viewed me.
That night changed me forever. I have a different way of thinking now. I think everyone has to try shrooms at least once, it will change u for the better. All in all it was a great night and i hope to do it again this summer. Thnx for reading guys!

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