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III: Of Beasts & Blankets

Third trip, very subtle.

This trip was my third experience with mushrooms. It took place at a friend's house with a small group of me and 4 other people. We waited to get the stuff all day, and at one point the plans had fallen through. I was discouraged but then the night was saved and I couldn't have been any happier. We were picking up the stuff and that is when I learned we wouldn't be taking actual mushrooms but this time we would be ingesting the powder chemical that is contained in mushrooms. I thought this was strange but couldn't wait. We got home and divided out the doses. In the end my share equated to about a half-eighth, the same as all my other trips. I licked my finger and wiped up the powder, then licked my finger. I was very skeptical as to whether such a small amount was going to affect me in any way.

We kind of waited around anxiously for 10 or so minutes and decided that we were going to go on a walk while we waited for everything to kick in. It had rained earlier that day but the sun had come out and it was a beautiful evening. We just started walking around the neighborhood and talked. We were gone for about 45 minutes but my time may have been warped. On the way back to the house there was a shift in atmosphere. The colors got much more vivid and everything looked a lot nicer. There were some random rabbits running around that kind of made me laugh, but  at that time I was still worried that my night was a failure.

We got home and this is when I can't really remember how things went because this trip was a while ago, I will try my best though. We are just hanging out around the house waiting when subtle things start happening like things are absolutely hilarious. The first notable event happened in the basement. There was a pool table down there and I really wanted to play so I picked up the cue. My fellow trippers laid down under the table and were just talking. I told them "Hey guys, what if I was just some way rich guy, and I just paid you guys to lay under my pool table to keep me entertained when I played" So they just kept talking and what not, there was a pause in their conversation and I said "keep talking, I don't pay you to sit there." They all just erupted with laughter for about a good ten minutes. By the way, I wanted to play pool so bad, but couldn't. I found myself circling the table over and over again but not taking any shots.

Another funny thing happened upstairs. There were a variety of canes in the corner and we all took one. We became what our canes represented. One of my friends had a very earthy cane that was basically a carved stick with an acorn top on the top of it. He turned into father time and walked around slowly, giving me sly little nods and smiles. After a few minutes of that we turned on the sink and plugged it up. The drain area turned into a little hot tub for our fingers. We sat them in there and acted out a whole scene of them in a hot tub. We were driven to search for dolls to play in the sink with but were soon distracted by other things.

Throughout the night my friend was having a bad trip and was just laying on the couch all night. He was worrying about things like his parents and all sorts of things. We tried to help but he didn't want to do anything and I did not want to be dragged down by his mood.

Later on in the trip we turned on the TV and this is when I saw something that has changed the way I think about things forever. Shark week was on, and we were not going to pass this opportunity up. We watched as a shark just started tearing into a seal. This lead me to realize how beastly sharks are. They just swim and kill, but have little to no intelligence. This lead me to think that this is how most animals are. Which lead to me thinking that about people. I realized that everything there is, is just the product of us being smarter than the rest. Things like religion are not real, just made up, which meant that there wasn't really a point to anything. This was getting to me so we changed to TV to Robot Chicken, which just made me laugh a whole lot.

I had a soft gray blanket, I was just putting my hands in it and twisting it around. My hands sort of turned into a mush of blanket and hands. They didn't feel like hands and it was just kind of like pulling taffy. Then, someone put this blanket on my head. This instantly threw me into a world of darkness. The feelings were all negative and I ripped it off of my head an threw it across the room to get away from that terribleness.

There aren't anymore notable things I remember from this trip. It was a very calm trip overall, not a lot going on. However, the realizations I made creep into my mind every single day. I will watch something on TV and wonder why we enjoy this, and how these people are famous for acting. I wonder why music is so popular and it really gets to me. I have been thinking about it a lot though and have come to terms with these thoughts. I look forward to my next trip and have high hopes that it is going to be a fantastic time. 

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