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Funky trip with some mega negativity.

Liberty caps are the dogs.

Hey all, this is my first ever post on here. I wanted to share my latest experience as to date this is the most intense trip I've ever had.

Well to start my set was a bit dodgy but my setting was spot on, I'm quite an experienced tripper and usually do it alone to get the max spiritual experience i can.
This time i really wish I'd had a sitter to help me through though.
I had had an argument with my girlfriend the night before and she had decided to go back home for the day. This was not ideal as my mood was quite bad but i decided to go ahead anyway.
I proceeded to take around 100 dry libs that i had picked earlier in the year, up to this point i had only ever had positive trips.
I waited about 10 minutes and then set out walking my dog, this was pre planned as where i take her is through some woods and along beside a stream, i know this area very well and knew i would probably bump into a few fellow dog walkers but was ok with this.

When i got through the fields and into the woods i could feel myself coming up. At this point the weather was fucking freezing as I'm in northern england and this being winter i was all wrapped up warm so all was good.
After about 30-45 minutes i started to get my first visuals, the ground seemed to be moving slightly as i walked. I was listening to my favorite tripping music, Lemon Jelly and could not stop grinning. The dog was running around all over the place enjoying her walk so i was happy.

I then bumped into a lady walking her husky, her face was half covered by her parker hood but what i could see of her she was purple of face! I must have seemed drunk to her because i couldn't really hold a conversation so i quickly moved on.
I headed back home and when i emerged out of the trees the grass looked amazingly bright green and the sky had gone a very pale purple. Lovely!
The trees seemed to be dancing along to the music and they took on a very slight hue, like they were alive and knew i was tripping.

As i walked i thought of my cousin who was visiting for christmas and thought I'd text him; mistake number 1!!!

The trees were all funky in the wind and i knew i was off my face by this point.
At different points during the walk home the visuals were quite intense but up to this point i was really enjoying my trip.

Mistake number two was when i got in my girlfriend called and i answered the phone. She doesn't know i trip so talking to her was quite difficult but i blamed it on the cold weather.
I got changed whilst still on the phone to her and made a brew, then i went into the sitting room and put on a sidelight for some mood lighting.
The wall paper at this point was doing some funky shit but i was enjoying it, the patterns were swirling and the whole wall took and a pulsating bright glow. Also the christmas presents that were wrapped up seemed to be pulsating.
We got off the phone and i decided to listen to some music, Mistake number 3!

I put on pink Floyd thinking it would be some cool background music. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE. It got my thinking negatively. I am usually ok with this and ride it out knowing it won't last long and I'll enjoy my trip only this time it didn't lift. I got to thinking about my lack of friends (perceived) and my lack of relationship with my family. I thought that at 28 i should grow up and stop taking shrooms, this is the only drug i do, and thought of that none of my mates do drugs. I then texted a few mates to see what they were up to but no one got back to me at that point.
My god i was so frigging low, i knew it was the shrooms but couldn't get out of my terrible mood.
I even put on a kids film on TV thinking it would help but it just scared me!

At this point i was shitting myself. I wanted it to stop but knew i had to ride it out, so i went and ran myself a bath.

This was one of the best things I've ever done whilst tripping, i think it was the intensity of the task at hand but i stopped thinking i was shit and started to relax.
up to now the trip had lasted about 4 hours and i was starting to come down.
Thank god.

I then went down stairs again and settled into a documentary on TV about the Romans, good shit which i enjoyed.

A few hours later I was clear headed and decided to write this post!!!

All in all not the most exciting story but from this end it was fucking intense, but not overly bad.
Lessons learned were to NEVER trip if you have the slightest doubt it's gonna be good. Turn all distractions like mobile phone off and enjoy nature.
And Don't listen to music that might bring you down if your mood is starting to drop, get some nice uplifting beats on and have a dance, you might look like a tit but with only the dog watching, who cares!!

Right thats me signing off and happy tripping fellow shroomers.

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