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Psychotic break

I lost it.

This is a report of my first time on shrooms.  It was a life changing, scary, horrific experience.

And I loved it J

It paved the way for many more (Much more enjoyable) trips.

It all started on a pretty average day.  Me and my friends (B and R) were sitting around thinking of a way to pass the afternoon, when B mentioned that he could get some fresh shrooms for only 10$.

Though only B had ever tried shrooms, we all thought itd be a great idea.  B went out and came back later with a paper bag full of beautiful cubes.

We pretty much just started munching them back, without much regard as to how much we were having (stupid, I know).

After a few handfuls of shrooms (I now guess it to be about twice as much as a very high dose) I stopped and watched tv, anxious to see what would happen.

Within 20 minutes, I started feeling the feeling of energy that comes with the onset of a trip, and colours were brighter, sound clearer etc

40 minutes in and the trip started hitting me hard. My hands were changing colour, the world was spinning, time lost its meaning and the walls were leaning in,as if they were trying to eat me.

After this, I get a little hazy, but I remember lying on the floor in the kitchen biting the fridge, trying to jump into the coffee table, smashing my friends expensive glass cabinet (Got in a lot of shit for that), puking on the couch, and screaming my head off.

My mind was caught in a crazy loop of “I need to get to the hospital, Im dead, We were never born, I need to get to the hospital, Im dead” etc etc

I remember seeing time fold into triangles before my hugely dilated eyes :P

After that it was a total blackout.

I woke up 4 hours later, completely sober, in a puddle of puke with my mates standing around me wondering if I was dead.

A few days later, my mate R showed me videos on his phone of me tripping out.

In the videos I’m yelling random shit like (and I quote) “The brains, the colours! Get it out of the porridge! Its BLUE! Help!!!” And lying on the floor punching everything.

It was a pretty crazy trip.

All my trips after this have all been relatively successful and fun J

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