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Spiritual trip

Chilling at home and looking at the stars

I had taken mushrooms once before at a club but had only taken about a gram or less so it was nothing too amazing but it did make me feel great for like a week afterward so I had been trying to get more ever since. I ended up buying mushroom chocolate from a friend and decided to eat it and trip over night since I had nothing to do the following day. I was on a relatively empty stomach so I started to feel them within about 15 minutes and by half an hour into the trip, I was seeing faces and shit in my stucco ceiling and my computer screen was moving and breathing so I decided to just lay down and listen to music until the come up was over because I wanted to take every precaution to not feel nauseous. I listened to Merkaba by Tool and the music didn't seem all that different from just listening to music while high except I got really mild synethesia . I watched some youtube videos and shit and then this christmas decoration was looking really trippy so I stared at it for a while and listened to more music. I didn't really get any closed eye visuals except some hypnagogic  hallucinations which were kinda intense (I had gone 20 hours without sleep at this point). Next I just laid back down and I felt like I was detached from my body some how and the room felt like a hologram or something and was moving, after about 15 minutes of that I got the idea to go outside and look at the stars because it was clear outside and the moon was full and when I stood up, I felt reeeeeally weird and unbalanced and the ground was moving and shit so it took me about 15 minutes to put on all my winter clothes and go outside. There was snow on the ground but I didn't care so I just plopped down in the middle of my back yard and stared at the stars which were moving and meditated and felt really connected to everything and had a really spiritual experience. After I was too cold to bare it anymore and I felt as if I was done, I came back inside and watched "How to Operate Your Brain" and then just looked at myself in the mirror which made me feel really weird. By this time I was about 4 hours into the trip but my visuals were pretty much gone for some reason which kinda sucked so I tried to watch the movie waking life but I felt really tired after a while and just went to sleep.

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