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hi your help will be appreciated thanks in advance. previous mushroom use= 1g felt stoned     2.1g had bad trip. 1.5 not good not bad||||||| Previousdrug use= weed(almost everyday), shrooms, salvia, blow, alchohol

iam wondering why it is that i feel sorta uneasy during the experience? part of me will want to panic?but i try to keap it in control, and partly caused bad trip in secound experience and was present in last trip.....like ill be sitting there and randomly feel almost like a fear? because iam not doing anything and feel as if i need a purpose? kinda weird... and anyway iam wondering is there a way to get rid of the un easyness and almost unconfertable like feeeling>?and not being kinda scared when i feel i need to be doing something/purpose?   P.S sorry if i posted in wrong section if i did.....iam new to this site and this was my first post :)    OH and i posted on lvl 3 because the bad trip experience was between lvl 2-3 in the trip scale but more towards 3

EDIT= upon furhter reading it is almost like anxiety.... Thanks for al your coments as they are greatly needed, due to the fact i plan on tripping next week and need answres LoL

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